December is here

 December arrived yesterday with sunny skies in the morning, and temperatures sitting just at freezing. In the afternoon it cooled off a little bit. After a run to town, Kevin climbed up on the roof and cleaned the chimney. You know, so Santa can get down it easier...

I wanted to take a run out to check a couple of my trail cameras, but it was just before dark when I was able to get away from other chores. All was quiet as I crossed our dam road and saw the clouds reflecting in Bartholomew's pond (Bartholomew is the beaver who lives there...)

I didn't have a lot of time since I still had barn chores to do, but it was so peaceful in the forest just before dark and so calm. Almost like being in another world for a short time.

Today it snowed, kind of... it was raining this morning and that turned into a wet snow, which was actually quite pretty throughout the day.

 I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this afternoon... we are having company for dinner tomorrow night so I wanted to get as much done as I could today, to free up time tomorrow and make things more relaxed for me, so I can just enjoy a glass of wine and the company. I made a batch of Armenian Lavash crackers to go with some spinach dip, I'll toss together tomorrow. They are such pretty little crackers...

I'm still working on the Pots de Creme for desert this evening. Tomorrow just a few things left to toss together and I'll make some mulled cider for them to take the chill off when they arrive.

Kevin worked pretty hard getting an area of the living room set up for the Christmas village. It's a pretty big operation. It's mostly done, with just a few things left to do.

As you can see, the boys were not very helpful:

Douglas eventually did get up, but only to try and steal my stuffed reindeer... meanwhile, Norman was nowhere to be found.

Do you know where Norman is?

I'm not sure if that's Norman or just another toy... Then again, the tongue kinda gives it away.

On my way through the bedroom, I had to stop and take a second look because instead of turkeys looking in the window, someone else was this time...

The little spike buck was eating grass along the side of the gazebo, just milling around.

Speaking of deer, we've had a little orphan fawn hanging around since the first week of hunting season. He's tried to latch onto other does but they won't have him, so he's alone all the time. He's sleeping in the marsh near the house and usually comes through a couple times a day. When we go to bed at night, Kevin always shines a light out in the yard to make sure everything is alright and several times the little guy has been out there just standing around by the house. I'm sure he's looking for security since he's on his own. The chances of him making it through this winter alone are slim, but there is always hope.

While we were setting up the village, we looked outside and he was in the yard again so I went outside to take some pictures of him. He's not friendly with people but he doesn't leave when you go outside, and he's very curious about what goes on at the house, even the little dogs.

He's such a sweet little guy. I hope staying near the house will help him with the coyote problem... It didn't end well for the last orphan we had hanging around 2 years ago. Maybe this guy will have better luck. 

The buck we call Deer Norman has showed up once since hunting season, just passing through. He's still in rut, as you can see in this picture by his swollen neck. Deer have a very large area they call their home, but especially in rut, bucks wander miles and miles every day. He was keeping several scrapes in the 100 acres around the house well tended a couple weeks ago but then he vanished and did not refresh his scrapes. The rut should be starting to slow down now, and by him showing up, it's a good sign that it will soon be finished for the year.

I'm off to finish up my Pots de Creme for tomorrows desert before I fall asleep and Douglas eats them all.


Anne Kimball said…
Gorgeous pictures. Sounds like you had a great day, all in all....
Wilma said…
I love how Douglas is so relaxed his wrinkles have spread out over his head! Hope the sweet orphan sticks around.
Yep, the boys look relaxed...watchin' a Christmas movie? As beautiful as that orphan fawn's face is...I almost wish I hadn't seen it and now think about it surviving the coyotes. Oh, well, I guess that's nature.
No, you can't adopt them ALL, Donna.
Norman is huge! Good luck to the little fellow.

Your helpers are too cute for words.

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