Christmas trees and fawns

This morning when I went outside to get the mule, which we keep under our porch, by our basement door, someone was standing outside waiting. The little orphan fawn was here... he is here everyday. We call him Buttons...

Since he's taken to sleeping under there, I decided we might as well put some hay and straw there for him, in case he wants it.

He's not tame, but he does follow us around a lot. When I came out of the chicken coop he was standing at the fence with his face pressed against it, looking in. It was so ridiculous and adorable at the same time, to see him peeking in like that.

When I had the mule warming up (it's a diesel, so it's a cold starter) Buttons was just standing there, watching me.

And as I drove away, he was heading under the porch...

That pink sky last night, didn't bring us blue skies this morning... instead it brought some snow. Wet snow. It was pretty snow that didn't stay on the ground. It was quite a nice day, so we decided after chores to head out into the bush, to a place we call our "Christmas tree nursery." It's a spot back in the marshes that has a lot of Balsam, Spruce, and Pine trees. One of the only spots on our property that has them. 

We found something I wished we hadn't... some of the trees have budded because it's been so warm. That's going to be terribly hard on them. 

These big beautiful trees have produced hundreds of little ones of all different sizes, all around them.

It's usually frozen this time of year, so we got pretty wet walking in some of the wetter parts and creeks running through. 

We found a lot of buck rubs in this area, it's a perfect area for deer, lots of food and cover. 

We had decided earlier on that this year we wouldn't go with our normal giant, 14 foot tree. It's just... well... a lot of work. 

So instead this year, we ended up with TWO trees. One 11 foot tree and one 10 foot. 

I know, you are wondering why we have two trees? We are just nuts, that's the best answer I can give you.

We dragged them back out of the swamp, up two ridges, and back out to the mule.

We were pretty tired on the time we got back to the mule. But the trees survived for the most part, their trip out of the marsh.

Once we got home, we were both soaked through, our pants, our coats, our boots. I'm glad it wasn't that cold out - it was just sitting at zero all day. My feet were soaked!

We took a much needed break to have a cup of tea (and hot coco) and warm up before moving on with our day.

When I looked outside, I saw this...

 Spike, Leo, and two Tom turkeys

Just after 4 PM, it started to snow heavier. Kevin ran out to winch a few logs home before the water they were near froze, and I got ready to head up to the barn. The Christmas tree(s) waited on the porch....

 Izzie was more than ready to head to the barn when I got there, she was waiting at the gate to walk up with me. I can't believe how dark she has gotten - or that she's almost 2 years old! She needs to have her front feet trimmed up again. It takes both of us to do that in her stall. Once we get her laying down, Kevin holds her while I trim her extra toes, she can't trim them by walking because of the way they turn up.

The goats were not pleased with the wet snow and wanted inside. Right now!

See the look of desperation on Butternuts face? Or maybe it's outrage. 

I got everyone tucked away and in dry bedding. Look at my handsome Buckwheat, still a bit of a rutty mess. I love him regardless, but I cannot wait until his beard is all white and soft again...

Flavious waited patiently for me to finish up so he could have his dinner too...

Max came running when he knew it was time for dinner, finally!

It was cute to see the turkey tracks next to Max's tracks in the snow... 

 It was a calm night out with just a few flakes of snow falling. Another perfect December evening.

Back at home, after dinner, it was time to bring the tree in to dry out. We always bring the tree in the night before we decorate it, to let all the water fall off onto towels throughout the night. The dogs were pretty confused as to why we were bringing a tree into the house. I'm sure they must vaguely remember this happening a few times before....

We got it set up, and towels all around the bottom of it. It's pretty much all we could do with the energy we had left over tonight. Tomorrow, we'll decorate it and set up our second tree. I guess the second tree will be for the critters. We tried having a tree in the barn but the goats knocked it over repeatedly while passing by and trying to eat it... So this time, we'll set this one up outside and put lights on for the deer and for the barnyard critters to all enjoy.

My last sheet of cookies are almost done (three dozen later...) and Douglas is snoring beside me on the couch. I can't believe we still haven't learned to get a smaller tree after all these years.... Oh well... we can't help ourselves... it's just too much fun :)


Anne Kimball said…
What a wonderful way to get a tree.
Wet socks and all...
Dreaming said…
My feet are cold just looking at your's!
Where will tree #2 go?

The turkey tracks look like arrows showing the direction Max traveled!
Oh Buttons is so cute and I am glad he has found a safe haven at your place...Maybe as time goes by he will learn to trust you more, especially if you provide him hay for the winter.

Love seeing you getting your own trees...I am allergic so we do fake, but the tree we have was Hubby's Granny's tree and is close to 30 something yrs old (and still looks pretty good)...We inherited it 12 Christmas' ago and like to think she is still with us each yr in spirit.

Blessings Kelsie
Leigh said…
Your tree is beautiful! And I have to say I like your new blog look. Great photos as usual, but my feet were getting cold just looking at that snow! LOL
lol..I thought somebody had drawn arrows in the snow.
Nana Gail said…
enjoyed reading your blog, have a merry cristmas and then some.yes it did look like arrows. i agree.

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