Buttons and a little cold

Buttons was here this afternoon. He showed up with Deer Norman and the two Tom turkeys. Seems they are traveling as a little group. I hope he's befriended Deer Norman, although it's hard to tell. It's unlikely Deer Norman will protect Buttons, but it's always good to have friends... especially ones with big horns!

We were heading out to work on the floor for the sugar shack, until the tractor had some minor problems that needed tending to.

The snow we got last night didn't amount to much, just a light dusting of fluffy stuff. But the cold did arrive today - it was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about -7 C. But the wind chill made it feel even colder. Tonight at about 9 PM, it's 10 F. So it's cold... obviously this isn't terrible cold, but it is the coldest it's been this month.

If you are trying to imagine how cold that is... basically, it was cold enough to freeze the beer we were drinking while we were ah... working on the sugar shack.

We got the rest of the joists in and got the box built. In the middle of that box, we'll put cement blocks, which is what the maple syrup evaporator will sit on... that way, the evaporator which has a hot fire burning in it all day, won't be sitting on wood... which obviously wouldn't be a good thing. 

We worked as long as we could, until just after 4 PM when the cold got to us too much. We were pretty much frozen from the wind and ready to go inside and warm up a little. When I did evening chores everyone was looking pretty chilled. I gave everyone extra straw tonight to snuggle into. 

The ones who really love the cold and the snow are the Pyrs... they are the most playful and puppy like in winter and on a nice brisk day.They love snuggling into their straw once and a while, but they do love this time of year and this temperature.

The fire is burning hot tonight to get this house nice and toasty warm. Tomorrow will be a day of baking and visiting... we have company coming over and some goodies to drop off for others. I also need to get my package ready for the mail lady. Want to ensure good mail delivery? Always remember to put goodies in the mailbox for the mail carrier! Works like a charm!


I am so enjoying seeing Button so often in your posts...I love the Odd Foursome they have formed...Kinda like a bachelors club

Building a Sugar Shack is hard work, you need that icy beer to keep your insides the same temp as your outsides lol.

I know Nardia misses the snow...We have not even taken her to the mountains this past 3 winters...Like the Pyrs she would romp and roll and just delight in all that lovely cold white stuff...That's the Chow in her.

Blessings Kelsie
We're still having to use the air-conditioner here in Texas. All that snow looks like a lot of work, but it is beautiful!

Keep us updated on the construction!

I so much enjoy my visits to your blog. What a lovely Christmas tree and the the dogs festive hats are so cute.
Best Holiday Wishes to you and all the critters.
luckybunny said…
Thanks Kelsie :) That's so cute, we'll have to start calling them that, "The Bachelors club!"

No worries yet Lana, no plowing, no shoveling.. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time! ;)

Thanks so much Val! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

LOL Redneck - I know, it was pretty cold. Pretty bad when you can't even drink your beer!
Chai Chai said…
I can honestly say I have never seen frozen beer.

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