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It's been raining here the past couple of days. It's been pretty yucky to be honest, so we've been laying low. I'm pretty tired from my jog with Douglas this afternoon and I've still got a dozen gingerbread cookies to put frosting on, but I wanted to share some older Prairie dog pictures I came across the other day with all of you.

 Chip munching a treat...

 They love tearing up boxes and playing in them...

Chip asleep (they often sleep on their backs, it's beyond adorable) and Snuggles curled up beside him

 Dale in her favorite blanket

 Dale holding my finger.. She liked to be held upside down while I scratched her tummy and she'd always hold onto my finger while I did it.

 time to eat?

Chip chewing up a cereal box

Norman meeting the Prairie dogs in the truck after we picked them up

I just realized I've never shared on the blog about our trip to see the worlds largest Prairie dog... I'll have to save that for another rainy day. For now, I'm off to eat... or frost rather, the gingerbread men.


Kelly said…
I love the squeal sounds they make. Sweet creatures. Enjoy your frosting, I mean cookies.
Those are some cute critters!
Dreaming said…
Cute pictures.
Hope you had fun frosting!
Adorable. Count your blessings you can tuck in at home with gingerbread when the weather is bad.
Misty Meadows said…
the prairie dogs are cute, close up!!

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