Mining and woodpiles

See that? Yes, that's a hawk looking over our pond in front of the house... and right next to my chicken coop. He didn't cause any trouble though, plenty of easier things to eat. He's been hanging around a lot, a little farther up the road by where the remnants of the original barn are, behind my coop.

It was cooler today and overcast for most of the day. After checking on the work in the wood yard, I went for a hike to look at one of the interesting parts of the farm, so I could take some pictures... 

I'm starting to feel pretty secure about our winter wood supply, the boys have been working very hard.

On certain parts of the farm there are the remnants of a mining operation. Kevin's ancestors were the ones doing the blasting out in the bush... you have to be careful walking, there are huge holes in what seem like random places to us. Of course, they blasted there to see if there were any riches to be found.

We live in an area of Ontario that is part of the Canadian shield. So basically that means, there is a ton of rock. That's why on this 700 acres it is hard to come by a field of any size. Although the old people were farming all over this place and they cleared a lot... the huge rock piles they moved by hand are still here to remind us of us of how hard they worked.
This is a cliff, and not where I wanted to be....

I stumbled upon a nice bees nest

A typical view of our forest

one of the smaller blast holes

one of the big ones

there are larger blast holes on the property, but for the area I was in, this one is pretty large

By now you might be wondering what exactly they were looking for? Mica. This area is very rich in it.

Mica still shinning in the old blast holes

After spending a bit of time there, I headed home following a few different deer trails. I had high hopes I'd spot a shed antler, but no such luck.

Back at home, Douglas was trying pretty hard to get Noel to give him a kiss...

ohh please Noel... 

aww she won't give me a kiss!

Does this look like trouble? I think so.

Tonight we are all snuggled in by the fire, thankful for all the wood the guys have been hauling in, and the chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.

We are joining in Fall friend Friday this week :) 
and Frugal days, sustainable ways!


Misty Meadows said…
I just love the expressions on your puppies faces!!!!
Teresa said…
Those are some big holes! Hope the hawk doesn't bother your chickens. I'm glad mine have a pen to keep them safe.
My poor hubby would have to be lugging rocks out of the woods.

Beautiful place ya'll have.
gtyyup said…
Interesting land up north there...and had never heard of mica before.

Your critters are adorable...and what a good feelin' to have wood ready for the winter!
Chai Chai said…
I love the picture journeys that you show us around your property. So many different things around there, now I have to see what Mica is.
Andrea said…
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Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable
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