It's here!

The new camera of course!

I'm so excited.

Joe (Kevin's son) got here late last night and brought my camera with him. I played with the camera a bit taking pictures of the dogs, but from what I could tell, it was very similar to my Canon G10. Which is not bad, but it is a little different... I just didn't pick up any major differences for being a newer camera.

Then this afternoon after chores, I was up in the barn and Buckwheat (the billy goat) was jumping fences to get to the does I am not breeding this year, so he went inside for a while to cool off (he's really worked up today) and because of that, I was able to let everyone together, they have been being kept in two groups since Buckwheat went into rut.

Anyway, everyone was sooo happy, it was adorable. They were all running, playing, and I was standing there playing with my camera... That's when I learned what the major difference between the G10 and G12 is... the zoom. It's amazing on this G12 - it's fast, and it zooms way closer than the G10 ever thought about.. and it focuses very quickly. I was amazed at how fast it was zooming and how close. It's going to be even better than the G10 for animal pictures. I can't wait to take this camera back to Alaska this coming summer.... I hope we see a whale again because I'll really be ready with this camera!

I LOVE it.

Ready for more pictures? I hope so...

 no, I change my mind, I'm going back in!
hmmm should we eat this?

Lambie wondering what all the head banging is about

Horace and Sammy goofing off

Sammy prancing away

Beatrice deep in thought

Brie (and Henrietta)

Mini Nut munching on squash

Lambie at lunch

Smiling Max

oh come on... you know you want to rub my tummy!

 high five

This past week we were away from the farm running errands for four days straight. It wasn't pretty. On Thursday we came home late with our months worth of groceries and also some winter supplies. Cue the hours of sorting, repackaging, putting away...

On the weekend, we split wood. A face cord... enough to fill our wood box at the house right to the top so we feel secure again. It's an emotional thing for us. Wood = warmth = security = we won't freeze to death. Kevin also rebuilt my sheep pen for me... the sheep (actually Lila is if I was to be specific... and a tattletale..) have been breaking out almost every night, knocking the entire wall of the pen off. Kevin did some serious reinforcement to it. After a week of spending the nights outside in the barnyard, I think they've decided it is indeed better to be in anyway. We have a run in shed outside for them, but I can't sleep at night with them outside and with the bad weather coming, Lambie can't see to get into the run in shed. So now, they are safe and happy, I can sleep, and all is right with the world again.

The past couple of days it's been warm, and I mean way too warm. Last night while putting my chickens away, I was getting bitten by mosquitoes. I don't like this kind of warm - like shorts and t-shirt weather, in November. It's hot when working in the barn, the animals have put on woolly coats, so they can't just take their sweaters off. All the bugs are awake. I'd like at least, for the bugs to settle down. A little. Please.

I learned something new last night... we had some Lima beans with dinner and I realized that I had never given the Kak's Lima beans before... 

Lima bean.... meet Kiwi... 

Kiwi... meet Lima bean...

is it good?

yes, quite good...

 but not as good as your finger! ouch!

The beans were a hit, with all five of the Kak's... they ate them all up. The birds get a variety of fruits and vegetables each day, and love trying new stuff. Kiwi fruit is still at the top of the list with pomegranates coming in a close second.

I'm pretty tired tonight... which seems to be normal lately... For the past three nights I've been waking up every night at 3:33 AM... it's starting to freak me out. I'm not sure why it's the exact same time every night, and I double checked! I thought maybe I was still asleep and imagining it. But nope.. it really was the same time.

I leave you with some pictures of Norman.... he doesn't always like getting his picture taken, so it's not always an easy task, unlike his Pug brother.

I got this one, with a little bit of Chi-wawa attitude coming through... but only a little. I love this picture.

 Then I tried to get a picture of him in the office chair, but it was a little difficult...

hmmm no nose...

hmm that doesn't work either...

oh! there he is... 

could he look anymore annoyed?


Misty Meadows said…
I live Norman sticking out his tongue!! Your babies are so adorable!! They sure put a smile on my face!!
If you were in this area you could come by and pick poms from all my shrubs. They have a good number this year!
IanH said…
It looks like that camera is a real winner! Enjoy!
Dollwood Farms said…
LOVE the pics. Norman is SO adorable! I am going to look at those cameras too as mine is getting ready to die. :(
Whenever my sister sees a 33 she says a little prayer for a little girl that we know that is real sick.

Jesus was 33 when he died.

Were you dreaming when you woke up? Maybe your guardian angles are trying to tell you something. :)

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