Heat wave

It's so warm outside, I swear it must be May and I've lost several months of time.

Yesterday I went for a walk with the dogs, down to the lake. They had a blast. I did the same walk today, alone. I almost walked into a doe standing in the middle of our trail, she wasn't 10 feet from me when I walked up on her. It was overcast today, but still warm. It's supposed to continue to be in the 50s Fahrenheit for several more days... we'll see if that's true or not.

 Douglas is ready to go!

lots to smell

sneaking up on a leaf...

hmmm what's over here...

can we go swimming?

Douglas is ready to go

Norman getting a goof whiff of that lake air

goofball didn't want to get his feet wet!

ah... maybe I don't want to go for a swim...

I stood in the water in my boots for a long time. I could feel the cold water, but it's not nearly as cold as it normally is this time of year.

Norman is lucky the chipmunk who lives in there didn't attack him

maybe a little too close?

alright, time to head home...

a view of the woodyard on the way past the barn

at first Sammy didn't think he should bother to get up

the turkeys were pretty curious what these funny looking little creatures passing by were

Sammy and Max came over to look...

Max says, "oh it's just Douglas and Norman!"

Bea and Bucket with her girls were sorry they bothered to get up... no treats here.... just more dogs.


oh gawd, if that lake was by our house, I'd have to chain the hubby.
luckybunny said…
there's lots of pike in that lake... good fishing ;)

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