Spirit deer

This is an old friend of mine. He's been on this farm as long as I have. Over 6 years now. He lost his eye last year in a fight and we were not sure if we'd see him again this year.

But here he is.

Looking as beautiful as ever.

He's like a spirit... when I am least expecting it, he shows himself to me and I suppose it feels like a person might feel in Church, or when they are praying, like there is something more than us watching over us, like there is always a reason for hope.

He reminds me how wonderful life is, and how amazing nature is.

He stops when I call his name, and he looks back at me.

I saw him before the trail camera did the other day. I likely won't see him again until long after hunting season, he always disappears in the fall. But so far, year after year, he always comes back.


This is truly beautiful. Although I don't know any of our deer individually yet, I totally get it.
Dreaming said…
How wonderful that he has managed with only one eye. He certainly has a nice rack... makes my neck ache just looking at him!
He is very majestic indeed....Hope you get a least one more glimpse of him before your season changes.

Blessings Kelsie

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