Pictures from the past few days

Butternut eating her apple

The good times are here again... it's cooling off and it's time to work. Summer is not our busy time on the farm, it's too hot, the forest is full of biting bugs, and it's just a time of trying to get cooled off and making sure the garden is growing. Fall is the time of work here, but also of fun. The road work is almost done, nearly took two weeks. It was a massive job.

Here is the past few days, in pictures.

Kevin fixed the road for me so I can drive to the big creek after months of not being able to cross except on foot...

There are lots of mushrooms out, but this one I've never seen before

Fall flowers along one of the beaver dams

Goats and gobblers

Max eating his apple

The turkeys going over to check out Max's apple

Silly Beatrice

Sammy with a mouthful

Getting a drink

Jack getting the last little bit of green grass

It was cool enough to pull out the warm socks!

Our pond in front of the house is yellow this fall because the water is lower

I used up my peaches and made spiced peach jam (yum) and Peach blueberry cobbler pie (double yum)

Bringing the boat to the creek

Unloading the boat

Getting ready to test the boat and make sure it floats (it's an old boat)

It floats!

The boat in the big creek

The creek is not read yet, but it's starting to turn

A fawn, we've seen two so far hanging around, they just lost their spots (I have trail camera pics with their spots still on though :)

Building our new "loop" road for the 5th wheel

It's impossible to get good pictures of, but it's a big road!

Flavious is tired for all the work. I don't blame him. We've had two small fires in our woodstove in the past couple of days, one of them was this morning. It's not really cold, but it's cool enough you want to take the chill off inside. We've just been using sticks and twigs right now.

Tonight I'm hoping Kevin gets done working on the road soon, and after chores we can enjoy a nice curry for dinner and settle in for the night.


farmer said…
beautiful pics!
Glad I'm not the only one turning to's been chilly here as well.
Peach blueberry cobbler pie..well yummy!!!!
You sure have been busy already...I love seeing your GP's Flavious and Max...Still hot here in Florida, but cooler than what it has been.

Blessings Kelsie
I love to put my alpaca socks on and a sweatshirt to go to the barn.
Okay...look at that mushroom photo again. Don't you see a screaming face right in the centre....creepy isn't it!!?? Okay...maybe it's the cold medicine ;)

Dang...that cobbler looks good. send some my way!

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