From the barnyard...


Max is pretty tired

watching a chipmunk

can you get that chipmunk for me?

One of the young gobblers


Some of the turkeys - there are more still!

Horace checking for fallen leaves

Buckwheat tasting a delicious fallen leaf


Izzie and Braveheart, best friends for ever... Braveheart is our blind ram, I guess they figured they have a lot in common... he follows her everywhere.

Basswood says, "Buckwheat, I really like your beard..."

Ohhh it's sooo soft... I wish I had a beard like this...

The colors are starting to change, slowly. It's been kind of dark and dreary out the past couple of days, so not great for picture taking.


Cozy in Texas said…
I stopped by your blog today.
okay...indelicate question but I doubt she'll read it. Is Hilda expecting?
Kelly said…
Love the farm pics. Heck, animal pics are the best.
luckybunny said…
Thanks everyone and Norma... no, Hilda is not expecting, she's just... ah... pleasantly plump?

No I don't let her read the blog, heaven knows what she'd take offence to. ;)

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