A bugs life

Something very exciting happened this morning.

Very exciting.

Can you guess what I found?

If you guessed a Praying Mantis, you were right!

As I was going in the basement this morning to get my chicken feed for the hens, by chance, I spotted this guy in the grass... he is the first one I've ever seen in real life. By far one of the coolest bugs ever.
I rushed in the house with the bug to show Kevin, who was shaving. He's used to me bringing frogs, toads, bugs, salamanders, baby mice, turtles etc, in to show him, but he wasn't expecting this guy crawling up my arm! It's a rare thing to spot one. It made my day!
We got up at 5 AM yesterday morning. The men were going goose hunting. By goose hunting, I mean, they wanted to go sit by the creek early in the morning and pretend to be hunting. We all went out to the creek, it was an overcast morning, not really even cool enough to warrant a sweater and the mosquitoes were out with a vengeance. We saw geese, mostly ducks, but a few geese... The Heron was there, and we saw a Kingfisher. Then we came home... gooseless.... as expected. However while they sat and drank coffee, I explored a bit in the marsh and discovered a few plants I'd never seen before. My hair got covered in some kind of gooey tree sap. I found a few deer trails I'd like to explore sometime. It was close to where we've seen most of the bear sign on the property, but we've still been unable to locate the den, which I'd love to find and set up a camera near.

We have worms in the fridge (the downstairs one) for the chickens and for fishing. I decided to give the birds some today, and Gladys was thrilled.

Up at the barn, Max was relaxing in the shade with the ducks. 

Here is Bucket and her growing girls. They are lovely girls and both getting sweeter all the time.

Basswood was wondering when the treats were coming out.

We've been getting lots of trail camera pictures, and moved two of our cameras to new locations tonight to see what's going on. It's so much fun checking them to see what's been happening at different parts of the farm.

We got this little guy on camera....

And this coyote passing by....

This is my favorite picture... this porcupine was climbing up the tree and looked right into the camera! I laugh every time I look at it.

and as you can see from this picture, a certain someone has really been enjoying the apples...

It's an early night here... it's been a beautiful evening with a full moon and cool air.... I have more pictures to share and will do so tomorrow.

For now, goodnight everyone.

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Leigh said…
I love praying mantises! So nice you've got your very own. Very interesting shots with the trail camera. We need one of those!
Teresa said…
That praying mantis certainly is a great find. I love to go hunting with my camera as well. I do warn you that you shouldn't feed worms from a bait shop to your chickens because they carry parasites. Pretty wild, huh?
Hilarious porqupine closeup. Hope he doesn't decide to eat the camera...they eat anything, those guys.
Jennifer said…
We seen alot of baby prayin mantis in our yard this cute, I think they are cute. Looks like you have a very lovely place...

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