Smart turkeys?

I told myself, I'm not chasing 9 turkeys around tonight, if they don't go inside the barn, they can stay outside and use the run in shed to sleep in. The dogs are there, they'll be safe.

I've spent many nights of my life chasing turkeys. In more ways than one.

I put Snick and Maggie in their special house, they are a couple after all. And the other group came around to see what was going on. I told them, "you've got one chance, if you don't follow me into the barn and to your roosts, you are not going in because I'm not chasing you to get you in."

They followed me in. No problem. All of them.

I guess they are smarter than I think they are. Anyone who deals with turkeys knows sometimes they can be very stupid. But now I also know, other times they can be very smart. When Snik came it took 2 weeks for him to figure out how to go inside at night. These guys - 1 day.


Smiling...I've spent a lot of time chasing turkeys in my younger days too.. ;)
Misty Meadows said…
Awww, I miss having turkeys!! I raised mine with the chickens. I heard that they will learn from the chickens.
Chai Chai said…
I like this story, when I get turkeys I hope they learn to cooperate too.
Dreaming said…
I bought a turkey poult (is that redundant?!) and the guy at the market told me that the poults were dumb and don't live long. He gave me a little bag of food, saying that ought to last until the 'dumb thing put its head up in the rain and drowned!'
The turkey lived a long happy life! I had to buy more food!
luckybunny said…
Norma - I thought you might get a kick out of that! I wrote the first part and thought "well, ya, actually lots of turkeys!"

Misty, I've raised some with the chickens and they did well - others I bought as adults tried to kill the chickens. These ones I've raised and they do end up thinking you are mom which surprises me, because I've never had chicks do that!

Chai Chai, if you raise them, I think they'll be just fine :) They can be a pain, I've had my share of those, but sometimes you get ones who listen well and food always helps!

Dreaming, a lot of people think turkeys are very stupid, and I have seen them do a lot of stupid things, but also a lot of very smart things, I think when they are little they just don't know better and once grown up they have learned how to get a long :) I'm glad your turkeys did so well!
Horses have big heads and small brains....

We rearranged two stalls yesterday, Lordy at the confusion it caused.
luckybunny said…
LOL - I know what happens with the goats when we rearrange stalls, I can just picture the horses trying to figure out what is happening!

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