Nelly enjoying a peanut treat


I like the last frame - she looks like she's doing a scene from "Nellie the Killer Prairie Dog"!
K-Koira said…
Have to say, prairie dogs are pretty darn adorable.
This was funny, but those little nails are a bit sci-fi looking! The last picture looks like he's ready to fight for more nuts! Good shots.
Wilma said…
I love these pictures! The last one made Mom laugh out loud. I wish I had human like hands to hold food with. Lucky Prarie dog!
Dreaming said…
Oops... sorry if a partial comment was sent... got going too fast and hit some strange assortment of keys that gave me a new screen!

Anyway, as I was saying, I laughed at the last shot as well. She looks like she's about to attack - want another peanut, do you?!!
It's almost like one of those silly emails that link to an Internet site where you are told to stare at something and then a freaky picture pops up to frighten you!

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