goats and pies

Since Kevin has been working on the walls, finishing the wood up, everything had to come off and remains off while we finish work. His deer heads have been here and there wherever is out of the way. We put them on the couch when we got home from our trip, and for some reason Norman likes sleeping next to them. It's really quite hilarious to look over and see him snoozing with them.

Everyone up at the barn hung out in the shade most of the day just staying cool.

I visited with the boys, they are getting big.

Jim held down some branches for everyone and they pigged out. It's was quite a riot watching them. I watch them trying to get branches from the kitchen window while I'm working at the sink too.

Bulrush loves the camera

Mini Nut

Handsome Buckwheat... he hasn't started peeing on his beard yet. I have to take all the photos I can now because he's a beautiful white and oh so handsome. Soon he won't be white like this!

This is the first year we've had corn - we've tried before and it never did anything. We used a ton of manure this year and that did it. Our soil here is poor, but since we've been working it and adding manure it's getting better and better and this year our corn is doing great. We are so excited.

My pumpkins are out... one of the varieties I got is a giant one, so I look forward to seeing how big they get.

I spent the entire afternoon cooking. Loaves of zucchini bread with walnuts and chocolate chips... blueberry pie...

The first of many blueberry pies. I have a recipe for a wild blueberry maple syrup pie with a cornmeal crust I'd like to try as well. I need vegetable shortening for the crust and didn't have any, so I made a traditional blueberry pie with an all butter crust.

I picked the first of our potatoes, these are a variety called "banana potatoes" and they are early. I boiled them and we had some chicken with homemade BBQ sauce and carrots for dinner.

The zucchini bread came out good... I used this recipe from smitten kitchen.

Now I'm off to have a glass of wine on the porch. The sun has gone down and it's nice outside now. I may even have a slice of pie with it.


Alla said…
Blueberry pie, YUM, YUM, one of my favorites. Your corn looks wonderful. I love the goat pictures.
IanH said…
Gosh darn. You made me hungry. I guess I will go and have a bowl of fresh raspberries.
Sounds like you deserve a glass of wine!

If they luved the branches then they are gonna go ape if you feed them the corn stalks.
I'm a new reader and your farm animals are awesome! I don't know if I'd be as calm as you with the critters in the house, I'd probably be freaking out. But, it sounds like you were too exhausted to freak!

Love the dogs! Those pictures bring on big smiles!
luckybunny said…
Thanks guys! Sorry about that Ian. Redneck, they will love the cornstalks, I think they are drooling over them already.

Thank you so much Lana! Glad to have you here :)
That is too funny about Norman and the deer heads! LOL They are so much bigger than him! :) Our goats love trees too! It is fun to watch them be bipeds, craning their necks for those leaves!

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