From the trail camera yesterday

We put one of the cameras on one of my apple trees.

Guess who showed up?

He's eating my apples! This is no stranger to us either, it's Deer Norman. For newer blog readers, we watch and have gotten to know a lot of the resident wildlife on the property, especially the deer... over several years. He's a 5 year old buck, or older, that's how long it's been since we met him.

I drove out to another one of the cameras to check earlier today and a huge Owl was nearby on the ground, as I got out of the ATV, he flew up off the ground and startled me... his wing span was incredible. I'm hoping he'll come by the camera for a picture!

I'm heading for a hike now to our big creek, I have a feeling it's turning red, it's gorgeous this time of year. We cannot access it with the ATV because the road is washed away from the dam right now. Kevin is going to fix it but it won't be for a few days or so yet, and I just can't wait. I'll take something with me to hopefully scare away any bears in the area. Hopefully I'll get some nice pictures. It's too nice of a day to not squeeze in a good hike, I've been waiting for this kind of weather, I've got to take advantage of it.

A baby porcupine ran out in front of me today on my way home from the cameras, so the animals are also on the move taking advantage of the cooler weather and I think mainly, less bugs!


lol...I have a bunch of pictures of a creature called a peaking redneck

it's my husband, peeking around the side of the camera
Dreaming said…
The trail cameras are super cool! Love the mama bear and her cubs. Norman's cute, too - but I feel sorry for him with all of those flies... or are they ticks?!
As for dust bunnies... I've never found anything as cute as that in my house!
Great deer photos!
Those cameras are great.
I absolutely LOVE your trail pictures! But, I'm not so sure about the bears! I'm terrified of bears --- we don't have those in our part of Texas, Thank God! You are a brave soul!
Dollwood Farms said…
Awww, he is beautiful! I hope no one will come on property and hunt him. :( I love these trail pictures too. So interesting!
luckybunny said…
LOL about the peeking redneck!

Dreaming, those are flies :( It's that time of year and they are miserable. Thankfully they are not the biting flies that were out earlier in the summer.

They really are handy Norma,fun for getting pictures we wouldn't otherwise :)

Thanks Lana... I'm not so afraid of the black bears, although very cautious epecially of a mama - but I've never run into a bear here while hiking. Years ago two walked right through the front yard the first day I was alone here! I couldnt believe it. I'm much more afraid of Grizz bears - thankfully we don't have them here.

Dollwood - I hope not either. We don't hunt here anymore, the guys here used to but we don't need the meat and enjoy having the deer hang around a lot more. Other hunters let dogs in here which is the biggest trouble, but so far, most of the deer we've identified have been here for several years. Deer Norman is a big buck this year,he'll likely wander when he goes into the rut, but we have bigger bucks who have survived so hopefully he will too :)

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