First check of our trail cameras...

And we've got...


I couldn't believe it. The cameras have been out less than a week... and we caught a family of 4, a mama and three cubs walking on one of our trails (thankfully this is not near the house). It's so exciting. I walk back there alone a lot, so now I'll just be a little extra cautious. When I was picking blackberries last week I saw a few paths that look like bear, and I'm pretty sure now that's what they were.

We know they are here, but we have tried to catch them on the cameras before in places we know for sure they frequent, and haven't been able to. This was pure luck to catch them on our trail.

I drove by this exact spot with our cousin's wife not an hour later, and we got out to walk so I could show her one of our look outs at the creek.

This doe was there just before the bears came through if you look at the times...

Our number 1 camera which is just behind the goat yard and barn areas in our apple tree field had pictures of a coyote on it from last night... Not what I wanted to see, but I know they hang around there often... explains why the dogs were so upset.

It's been very windy today, overcast, and cool enough for us to close all the windows in the house. We are getting some winds from Irene. Tonight my last three bucklings go to their new home to settle in.

Back to making tortillas now... I was making some for dinner tonight and then realized, since I've started, I might as well make a few dozen and freeze them so they'll be handy when I need them.

I've got to take my camera chip back out too, so we can see who else has been using our trails!


farmer said…
how neat to see!
Saying that she would be one grumpy momma with those cubs!!
To bad about the coyote,something I wish we had less of....
Oh my Goodness...You are so much braver than I...If these camera's were on my property the blog post title would be HOUSE FOR SALE.

Stay safe.
Mary Ann said…
Oh, MY! Please be careful out on the trail! We have often talked of getting trail cams here to see what goes on at night. We know coyotes cannot get close... our llamas would drive them off... but we want to see what else is moving around out there just outside the light of the yard lamp!
hahaha! I like Kelsie's comment above. I
I am amazed at those photos! 3 cubs! Fantastic. I was suprised to see it was early afternoon...I just always think of bears out roving in the early morning or that I think of it, I don't know why as I've seen them in the afternoon here and it isn't really hot this week. I am glad that they are not near your house or barn and PLEASE do be cautious out walking...wear a bell?
I enjoyed the photos.
If I saw a bear in our woods, I'd never go outside again!
My oh my. And I thought we had excitement with rattlesnakes! You definitely win that one! ;) Stay safe and thanks for sharing your exciting photos with the Barn Hop this week!
I was going to say wear a bell too. My boys would be over the moon, anytime we drive by a wooded area I hear do you think there are bears in there??
We really need to get some trail cameras! :)

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