Dustbunnies and things

Have you ever had one of these dustbunnies in your house?

This one was behind some window trim that was in a corner. The other 6 were in the livingroom.

These little guys are drinking formula but just to help boost their immune system, they are also eating pellets and hay.

Awful cute for dustbunnies aren't they?

Do I have milk on my face?

Better wash it just in case...

Someone is not impressed with the recent increase of dustbunnies in the house...

You ever seen a face this annoyed?

Peaches - the bunny who was nameless is healthy now and allowed to be around the other rabbits. She's sweet as pie too. Thanks for all the name suggestions! I was planning on another name but I kept calling her this name because I've had peaches on the mind... so it's stuck.

Blueberry was very curious about the new girl....

Yesterday when we went out to check the trail camera I took some pictures of the trails Kevin groomed the other day. It's great for driving and walking having the trails trimmed.

We tested some of the apples, they are still a little tart but they are starting to fall from the trees.

This picture below is where our trail camera that caught the bears on film was located.

On the way home Kevin wanted to show me something he found when he was cutting the brush away from our fences... Jack was pretty excited to see us coming, I'm sure he was hoping for cookies.

He found elderberries! He's been looking for them for a long time and has never found them until now.

He'd like us to try making wine with them. I've never had jam or pie from them, have any of you?

It was so windy as we were across the pond in front of the house...

That the lily pads were up in the air!

It was super windy all day, and cool. Kevin stopped to pick up this rock he found, he just had to bring it home.

In the evening, the wind calmed down and the sky turned pink... it was a beautiful end to the day.

Today has been warm, breezy, and quite fall like. Our road man came in here this morning to start  tearing rocks out and fix the areas on our road that are the least 5th wheel friendly. We won't be moving the 5th wheel until spring, but we needed him in to build a turn around road at the house so we can move the 5th wheel because it's in the way right now for when we start bringing loads of wood to the house, and it's impossible to move as it sits, so we figured, he might as well do all the work that needs to be done now, or as much of it as we can afford right now.

This is where the 5th wheel got stuck on the way in... actually, slipped off the road!

It's all been filled in and widened. I can't believe the size of some of the rocks they pulled out.

The also widened the road near one of the big ponds that usually floods our road in the spring...

I was surprised to see since I've been out last, one of the soft maples has completely turned red!

I guess it was more fall like today than I realized.

Tomorrow they'll be back at the road, working closer to the house. Tomorrow evening, if things work out, we'll be off to pick up three small new additions to the farm, something we've never had here before... it's very exciting :)


Chai Chai said…
The bears would have me scared half to death! How did the bunnies get inside?

My browser must be messed up because until today it wouldn't let me comment on your blog and I have to comment on my blog as anonimous!
luckybunny said…
I couldn't believe it when I was checking the camera chip on my camera- I never in a million years thought we'd have bears through and that quick after putting it out! We brought the bunnies in lol... the one who was loose escaped from my box. They don't have a mama...

Something has been wrong with mine too because it was making me comment on YOUR blog as anonimous, it still does but I figured out how to do my name/blog - I can't seem to do it through google with my google ID. I can't figure it out.
Oh...the fuzzy pictures of cuteness...and yes, his royal pug highness looks a bit miffed.
I've noticed a few trees turning colour here as well.
Kateri said…
Oh, gosh, those little bunnies are so cute. Good find on the elderberries. I keep hoping to find them on my property, but no luck yet.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
farmgal said…
Wonderful looking little bunnies, I enjoy my rabbit litters, I have three does and one buck and raise up a number of litters per year.

Found your site from the homestead blog hop, and we are both in ontario, amazing photos of the momma bear with cubs.

As for the elderberries, yes I have them, and I make juice, Can Fruit, make cough syrup and cough candy's, I dry alot of them, and I use them in place of anywhere you would put dried currents. I don't care for them in pies but have tried it, there is a number of posts on my elderberris on my site

We have a good amount of bush's now, but we had lots and lots of little babies this spring, so we dug out and planted out a huge new hedge row of elder's.

In the spring, I would also recommend making Elder flower jelly, its wonderful! As is dried Elderflower tea with a bit of dried elderberries add in with some honey.

The size of the rocks is amazing, I have signed up for your site, and am looking forward to getting to see what is all going on.
Luv all the pics.

Cute buns. Want some of those rocks.
Farming Mama said…
Oh how I miss ontario reading your posts! By the looks of those rocks you must live somewhere near where I grew up - we used to joke that the 'farmers' were just farming rocks :) Thanks for sharing all the wonderful beginnings of fall pictures, your place looks wonderful!
Such cute dustbunnies! Are they Rex? We have two Rex bunnies and they look just like your black and white ones. So cute!
luckybunny said…
Norma, I think fall is coming quickly this year. Love fall... not so much what comes after fall.

Thanks Kateri :)

Farmgirl! So glad you stopped by! I'll be off to visit your site, I'm so excited about all the elderberry info, I really appreciate it. That's amazing all the things you make with them.

Redneck - I'll send rocks. ;)

Farmingmama (Katy)- it sounds like you grew up here! LOL that's what they say about here "farming rocks." I grew up near Guelph and it's a lot different farming there than it is here for sure.

Jenn, those guys are a mix of Rex and New Zealand whites. :)

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