Blood and sweat

This is Levi, and this is the best picture I could get this morning. I've been looking for a new home for Levi because I already have a ram, Lambie (Braveheart) and don't need two. He's 2 years old now. I've been looking for the right home for him and had high hopes I had found it. This morning the woman was coming to look at him, and what does he do? Break his horn off. Yep. You know what that means. Blood. Messy, drippy, blood. It wasn't bad because it didn't break super deep, just at the very end, but it was bad enough.

So I rushed home got rags and disinfectant soap to wash it out. After which I packed it with flour to stop the bleeding and keep the flies out.

What a ruckus. Time to get back into full farm drama.

However it all ended very well. Levi's horn cleaned up nicely, and he did get a new home with a local lady who has a hobby farm which she opens up to special needs kids twice a week to come and see the animals and learn how to care for them and handle them. My ewe lamb from this spring also went. It worked perfectly.

After Levi and the lamb drove off to their new home, I trimmed goat toes and worked in the barn...

We've had Barn Swallows in the barn since last summer, and this little guy was getting ready to leave the nest. Just after we loaded the sheep, he had flown down and was on one of my rabbit cages. His mama came back inside the barn to help guide him outside.
I filled up the big trough and Bulrush quickly came over for a drink...

After chores I went to get in the mule (ATV) and noticed someone had beat me to it.

Jim and I went for a ride to look for berries and see what was new in the forest.

Everything is a mixture of green, purple, and brown. It's been very dry lately and a lot of trees are turning and even the grass is drying out in places. It's still like a jungle out in the bush though. The deer flies are still bad, but they seem more tolerable for some reason. I cannot wait for cool, long, fall hiking with nice weather and no bugs.

The blackberries are just starting to come out, in another week I'll be over run with them...

We have several small patches of them around the house, I just had to clean a huge stretch of them off my fence because they were causing trouble with my electric top fence wire, but I have one large patch that has the best picking for blackberries that I focus my attention on each year. I am not the only one who focuses my attention on that certain patch however, the local bears do as well. Last year we found over 30 piles of bear scat in a small area full of berries this time of year.

The gooseberries are out and this is a fantastic year for them, there is just loads of them.

They are harder to work with because of the barbs but the fruit inside the skin, the green part, is very delicious, reminds me of a kiwi fruit almost.

One of my favorite August flowers, Jewel weed, is also out.

Back at home I trimmed the dogs nails, which I do about every 2 weeks give or take. They hate it but are pretty good about it. Douglas has a fit after I'm all done and put him down, I think he's yelling at me for having done it. I must remember to get a video of it.

Noel needs her nails trimmed a lot, as do all Mini Rex, they seem to have the fastest, longest, growing nails of all the rabbit breeds, at least the ones I have. She's very good about it though and always has been.

After I offered her a blueberry....

She loves them but was watching Douglas closely because he was trying to steal from her.... I think the dogs love blueberries most of all.

So that's it. I'm a mess. I smell like blood and wet wool. But it was a successful day all in all, and I feel pleased and relieved, which is always a good end to a day.


well, you ought to be tired.

I wish my gooseberry would do something.
Misty Meadows said…
I wish I could grow blackberries here! :( I am a zone 1b.

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