Best bug repellent

At 10 PM after work, Kevin and I decided to have a drink together on the porch with some candles and watch the fireflies and listen to the bullfrogs (and the dogs barking at the coyotes... ) 

We were sitting there enjoying ourselves minus the mosquitoes when something dropped on the arm of Kevin's chair, he thought it was a bat and went to get up. Just before he moved I saw it was a tree frog, the kind with the little feet like suction cups. I went to move him and he jumped onto my arm where he stayed and ate bugs. After a while he jumped towards Kevin and then back to me onto my leg for a while. 

Never mind the bug spray or citronella... just make friends with a tree frog :)


Kelly said…
I wished they liked Maine. We have mosquitoes the size of bats here.
Dreaming said…
We used to have tree frogs in SC. We loved watching them eat bugs as they clustered on the sliding glass doors and took advantage of bugs attracted to the lights inside. But, they are raucous. It is amazing how much sound such a little animal can make!
Sounds like a lovely way to end a day, although having a suction-cupped frog smacking away on bugs on my arm would be a bit much for me!
How funny! Our yard frogs come to the porch at night and hang out under the light.
I wish we had some!!! That sounds like the cutest way to repel those mean mosquitoes!

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