Around the farm

 It's been very busy here lately, not just with work on the farm, but with appointments off the farm which have taken us away from the farm every day for a week and half... it's exhausting having to leave everyday, and drive several hours to our destination and back again. 

The deer flies are at their peak, it's pretty miserable to be outside when the bugs are at their peak, I look forward to early August when they start to decline and then eventually just leave us alone so I can get out hiking more and hopefully we'll be able to do more enjoyable work outside. Our pond in front of the house has been lower this year, which is attracting more wildlife. Deer come to drink in the morning and evening, and although the Heron comes in summers when the pond is high too, she enjoys fishing a lot better when the water is lower.

The garden is growing well.... 



Bell peppers




The horseradish is growing like crazy!

My strawberries are doing great, and they are sooo good.... I made three 500ml jars of  strawberry jam and seven 250 ml jars last week. 

The critters have been staying cool and laying back relaxing most of the time.

Norman doesn't care how big the bone is, he'll get it!

Sammy relaxing 


  Horace and Izzie in the barnyard

  Bandit has been growing!

I had some leftover watermelon from the other day when I made up some watermelon margaritas, so I decided to share it with the biggest watermelon fans there are, the goaties. 

pink lip Beatrice

 Hilda pigging out


Bucket loves watermelon more than anyone

ohhh this is a big chunk!

Bucket and Hilda fighting over the same piece


Buckwheat and Basswood... Buckwheat has really filled out this summer. 

 Today no one is really feeling good in the house, so we are taking it easy. In between breaks I'm trying to get some chores taken care of. I'm hoping to try making beef jerky later today, it has to marinate for 24 hours to a few days so hopefully I'll get it started in the fridge so we can see how it turns out.


Goats like watermelon! Who knew! (I had a cat once that went absolutely bonkers for cantelope) Your garden is so far ahead of mine...
I hope the off property trips let up soon...I know how exhausting those can be.

Blessings Kelsie
Homemade jerky sounds good.

Luv the fur baby pictures.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.
I know what you mean, we have weeks like that when we have all these errands and appointments and it is just so exhausting! We are also looking forward to the time when there are less bugs - black flies and mosquitoes are the WORST! I have tried feeding my goaties watermelon rinds and they don't seem to care about it - I might try the fruit itself next time! :)
luckybunny said…
Thanks everyone :) Norma that is funny about the cantelope loving cat, that's a weird one.

Everything is better when the bugs are done!

Jenn, my guys will eat the rinds off watermelon, one year when I made watermelon jelly that's all they got lol and they eat it up, but they are piggies. Let me know if your guys like the fruit part :)

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