We are home

Three weeks of traveling, and we've finally made it home. The above picture is a lobster trap we brought home with us, one of Kevin's treasures.We returned to the farm last night and today we spent an exhausting day trying to start catching up. The garden needs a tremendous amount of TLC, there were fences to fix, a duck pen to build, hooves and dog nails to trim, a house in need of cleaning... the list goes on. We put a good dent in things today but we've got a lot to catch up on.

We had a great trip to Nova Scotia despite the fact it rained the entire time. The weather was just not on our side, and we were not able to see anything when we went along the Cabot trail. But we had a good time visiting with family, and on the way home we went through Maine and managed to find the sun for one night and most of the next day. We had a couple great nights camping with beautiful spots in the forest or next to the ocean along the way where we were the only campers.

We are happy to be home though, despite all the work that was waiting for us. 

Last night while inspecting my garden I got my first handful of goodies from it....

The lettuce is abundant, and everything is growing really well. I cannot wait to eat these guys!

The dogs were both amazing this trip, they are always good, but they were especially good this trip and had a great time. They are so happy to be home though, and Douglas has been helping me weed the garden today in between trying to steal my tomatoes. Norman enjoyed relaxing on the porch.

Somewhere in the midst of todays work, I managed to bake a pie. I'm going to sit and enjoy a piece before calling it a night. I'll post a much better update after I get some more sleep!


Welcome home...Glad you had a good time despite the weather.

Blessings Kelsie
earthmaan1 said…
Glad to see an update from you,,, I was beginning to think you were going to stay up there,,, Nice to hear you had a good time even in the rain,,, Welcome back home

Glad your trip was good despite the rain. Douglas is so cute!

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