Yesterday it was really warm outside in the sun. Everything is greening up really nicely and our pastures are coming along well. After morning chores, a straw/hay delivery, and some cleaning in the barn, we went to work fixing all our electric fences. Since we are keeping everyone off the pastures we needed to make the sure the electric fence was in good working order. It took a couple hours work to get them all sorted out and fixed.
Everyone was really enjoying the sunshine in the barnyard while we worked.


Mini Nut and her buckling

he's really quite a cute little guy!

Brie testing out whether this stick is good to eat

Beatrice making sure it isn't something she wants

Nope, it's not good to eat.


We then went to clean up the debris around the chicken coop with the tractor. I was getting the rake to clean out the chicken coop and Kevin was removing a pile of debris in the bucket of the tractor when I saw him stop and heard him yell. Bo was running down the road from the barnyard to us. He can fit through a tiny spot between the gate and gate post. It's been a problem in the past for bottle fed babies, no one else tries to use it, but the bottle kids always want out and back to the house.

So this is the beginning of Bo getting even more spoiled. He stayed down at the chicken coop with us while we worked, followed us into the house to get water, or tools. He'll go anywhere I go so he's no trouble, and it's quite cute, but I think he may end up being the most spoiled yet. 

Once we were done with our projects for the day we came inside to rest for a bit and have something to eat. We had decided it would be a good day to move our canoe to the creek. Our canoe is very heavy. We were sitting talking about this when Kevin's cousin Greg showed up, at the perfect time because it saved me having to do any lifting! 



On the way to the creek we saw some of the damage from the 60/mph winds we had on Friday.

 We also had a huge branch fall near the barn, it's actually right next to the barn, but instead of falling directly onto the roof of the barn which would have ripped it open, it fell into the goat yard. It was a really close call. 

The beaver was out working on our way to the creek.


Once at the creek they unloaded the canoe and hauled it down to the water and left it there. I was hoping we could use it today, if it doesn't rain. The black flies were out really bad, but they are not biting yet, the heat really had them going.


On the ride home I spotted another flower, the Dutchman's Breeches are out. There are no mushrooms to be found yet, it's still been too cold for them.


I got a real surprise the other evening while taking the small dogs out for a pee. We were standing on the hill at the corner of the house, where we usually go. I was standing there thinking how cold it was getting and how my morel mushrooms would surely not be coming out now, when my eye caught sight of a huge animal running through our old maple syrup camp, about 50 feet or so from where we were. It was huge, both in height and length. My mind knew it was an otter but I was so taken aback by the size of it. I have never seen an Otter out of the water, and it was completely shocking to me how large they are. Even Douglas who always chases everything was frozen beside me. Norman ran for the house in a fit of terror. The otter ran the length of the field and down into the pond in front of our house. Just something you don't see everyday and I have never seen in all my years here. We have sometimes had the pleasure of watching them in our pond playing from our living room, but never have I seen one running through the field.

Now it's time to get back to work. Hopefully the rain will hold off. 


it sounds as though you had a nice productive day! we had sun too yesterday but today is back to dreary the dutchman's breeches! never saw those before. and i have not seen an otter either. i used to read about them in my childhood book series by burgess/wilder. fun little stories!
Love the kids! Great photos as always.
Blackflies already! Say it isn't true!
Chai Chai said…
Wow, that view of your pond is magnificent. Heck I would graze on that pasture just to take in the view!
Those are an interesting flower.

I like your 8 wheeler. Neat.

Cute goats. Can see he's going to be very spoiled.
Dreaming said…
I have never seen Dutchman Breeches before. What a beautiful flower.
Love the pictures of the kids!
luckybunny said…
KritterKeeper- Otters are so cool, really interesting critters, and always surprising to see. I've seen our River Otters, and Sea Otters, which are very cute, the River Otters are way bigger. Hope your weather gets nicer and stays that way!

Oh Norma... I'm sorry, but it's so, and it's bad. Out hiking today it was even worse, you can't even look up and you need to cover your face. I hate bug season!

Thank you Chai Chai!

Thanks Redneck, that Argo (the 8 wheeler) has come in very handy! It has tracks for winter and allows us to get around better, plus it floats so that's helpful!

Thank you so much Dreaming!
goodnufranch said…
Mini Nut's little buckling looks like he is smiling! He is way to cute!!!

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