Oh brother...

We picked up our first load of chicks from the feed store today. My 10 chicks, 10 turkey poults, and 4 ducklings. 

In the store, I picked up two of the ducks to say hello, and just eyeballed the birds before we went about finishing up getting our horseradish, rhubarb, and, blueberries that came in.

On the way home I reached back into the box and pulled out a duckling. Right away I noticed something was wrong with this one. It turns out, he has FOUR legs. Yes, four. He has an extra set and a longer rear end. Double embryo? How he got from the hatchery to me, I don't know, but someone missed him. We went back to the feed store and showed them. They have been there for 50 years and not seen anything like this guy. They said they'd call the hatchery to get another duckling on the next delivery in two weeks, in case this little guy doesn't make it.

I have no idea if he can make it, but as of right now he's fine. I'll give him my best and we'll see what happens. 

So meet, Quad. 


ThriftyPuppy said…
Oh, what a cute little duckling! Here's to hoping that he lives a long and happy life on your farm...
Kelly said…
What sweet little creatures. Best of luck with Quad. I hope he/she lives a long and happy life.
Dreaming said…
Oh my, I've never seen that before. But, I did Google "4 legged duck" and they had pictures of several, and some that were full grown. I would think that if he can eat and move around he'll be fine.
It will be interesting to see how this all works out.
luckybunny said…
Thanks guys, Dreaming, when I googled I must have typed something different because those images did not come up. So I googled "4 legged ducks" and you are right, lots of pictures of adult ducks. I have a lot more hope now! Hopefully he/she will pull through and be just fine!
wow that poor little thing...I am glad he/she fell into the hands of a caring someone and was "missed" at the hatchery.

I would be concerned if it turns out to be a she about the passing of eggs and would she be prone to getting egg bound.

Blessings Kelsie
Wow, that's insane. My dad used to order between 1000 and 3000 chickens every summer and I don't thing we ever had anything like that happen!
Oh wow, never seen that before.
goodnufranch said…
Wow, that is strange!! I hope the little quack-er has a good life!
I hope s/he makes it! Would be so fun to follow the life of this one!

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