May showers bring grass and mushrooms!

It's been raining everyday for over a week which has made gardening almost impossible. It even almost got down to freezing one night. The past couple of days have been warmer and humid. It's been a really wet May, which has put us way behind on all our work, but it's nice and green everywhere!


goaties on grass

Blue checking out the dandelions




Hilda showing how tall she is

Lambie and the goats

Hilda having a good scratch

Flavious yawning, such a difficult job he has



There he is! Our first Morel of the season

Wild turkey

The apple trees are blossoming
Mist on the pond last night


Timberdoodle! AKA Woodcock... see him hiding?

Baltimore Oriole

Today was hoof trimming day and it's overcast, but not raining so hopefully we'll get work done outside in between picking more mushrooms.


Sorry for the yucky weather. Hopefully it will get better soon!

Have a great weekend.

Luv all the pics. Am jealous of the morel.
Beautiful photo of the mist on the pond.
I didn't realize that you had morels in your part of the province. I've never heard of them in my neck of the woods...
luckybunny said…
Thanks redneck, I hope you had a great weekend! It stopped raining for a bit here :)

Thanks Norma. We do have morels, some years more than others, also depends how lucky you are I think! You've gotta get those little things just right, but we luck out sometimes.
goodnufranch said…
Love the shot of the mist on the pond! I will have to wait another month before mushrooms are ready. Can't wait!

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