First strawberry rhubarb pie of the spring


Leontien said…
Yum Yum! and i love the little heart you put on top of it!

Thanks for sharing! hope it taste as good as it looks
Rural Revival said…
Dee-lightful and dee-licious!

IanH said…
Somebody can not only cook, but is artistic as well. That looks good!
Looks really yummy...Congrates on a season first.

I just finished my first batch of pickles tonight too :)

Blessings Kelsie
Dreaming said…
Hey, that looks good enough to eat! But... maybe too pretty!
Very pretty and I bet it was gooood!
Put the tea on! I'm coming for pie! ;)
Looks wonderful! must check my rhubarb patch. Have enjoyed your blog and photos!

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