Chicks and gardening

This evening we had a beautiful sunset. I snapped this picture and Flavious was barking at me! 

We've had a busy couple of days. On Thursday I made a rare (once a year maybe) trip into the city (Ottawa) with my friend Molly. We did some shopping in Chinatown, where I finally found (of all things) a tortilla press! I know, weird place. I can't wait to make some corn tortillas and try it out. Molly has no idea what tortillas are or how this press could possibly work, so I'll have to make some for her.

We had a great lunch at a Sushi place, which surprised me. I've never had sushi before and never thought it was something I'd like - however, I will try pretty much anything once because I think it's important to try new tastes and never say "oh I don't like that" even though I've never had it before. I did try some sushi and I didn't love it, but surprisingly I didn't hate it either. However this place also had grilled eggplant with a Japanese BBQ sauce on it, spring rolls, tempura mushrooms, beef, rice, and it was all so good. Kind of like Dim Sum, you get many plates of different things with small amounts so you can taste a lot. We had red bean ice cream for desert and it was delicious!

At the grocery store I almost bought a durian fruit, something we have to try just once. Molly said the same thing I've heard everywhere, it smells worse than anything in the world but it tastes good. Next time I'll get one. Instead I bought noodles, Korean and Chinese BBQ sauces, some White Rabbit red bean candy, and a couple of other things.

Yesterday we did more running around all day, shopping, picking stuff up. We picked up our new coffee table and end tables for our front room, the first furniture we've bought for the living room, so it's very exciting. Next we'll do the chairs and then replace the couch, all in time and as we can afford it. It's not at the top of our priority list, but we found these tables and we loved them. It's pretty hard to please both of us, so when we spotted these in March we decided we should order them while we still could.

This morning after chores were finished, we had to run into town to buy me a fishing license since mine expired. We made what was supposed to be a quick stop at the feed store for soil testing stuff, and ended up with all kinds of plants. Flowers, pumpkins, strawberries, summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, thyme, basil, parsley, Swiss chard...

At home I had to clean the boxes/bins we have the chicks in, so I put them in a box while I cleaned. Douglas and Norman always find this amusing. I do it once or twice a day.

Norman loves little chicks, these are not the first he's seen. Douglas loves the little ducklings and sniffs them all, and they poke at him, but he's really freaked out by the chicks, I have no idea why, they are smaller than the ducks, but it freaks him out so he watches them from afar trying to figure out what they are.

Quad the duck is doing well, but things are changing. Things are growing, his two extra legs and something else has grown, what seems like a third (or fifth) leg has come out and extended the other legs.  His anus is on this part that has extended, so I'm not sure if his system is working properly, however he's at least 4 days old now, or 5. Actually I should say it's working, I've seen that it is, but I'm not sure what is happening to it.  It's very difficult to explain since I'm not completely sure what I'm looking at, but I will take some pictures tomorrow.

The other birds are all doing very well so far, fingers crossed that keeps up!

Chicks checking out their new digs

Little one just finished drinking with a drop of water still on his beak

Can you hear me? (Bronze turkeys)



I'm keeping an eye on you...

never mind, I'm too sleepy...

This afternoon we got the spot tilled up for our blueberries, strawberries, and rhubarb. I'm not yet sure where to put the horseradish but I know it will take over whatever area it goes in, so I won't plant it there. We'll have to fence the spot before we start planting anything however. We still have so much fencing to do, three chicken runs, and two garden areas. We need more space for the pumpkins, corn, potatoes, watermelon etc. I'm still deciding what will go in the beds this year, since a lot of stuff will also go in my pots on the deck... I have about 20 of those.

Bo did something very cute tonight. After I finished putting everyone in, he was outside and he went through the gate again to get to the fresh grass. I kind of sighed because I needed to bring the mule (ATV) into the barnyard so I could unload the rabbit and dog food I had, and I didn't want to run Bo over. But I thought maybe I could go slow or maybe he'd just stay where he was and not follow me at all. As soon as I got in the mule, Bo jumped in onto the floor between my legs. He proceeded to just stand there the entire way to the barn without me even holding onto him. He got out when I stopped to close the gate behind me, and when I got back in the mule I said "come on Bo" and he jumped right back in! It was too adorable.

Our plan was to keep Bo as a buck, since we have four wethers already, along with the buck and ram (meaning LOTS of boys.) but I think neutering him may be best. Bottle babies are always sweet and wanting to be with you, but Bo has something in his personality that is different. I've been working with Sammy and Bea to be pack goats (although Bea is not growing) but Bo might be the right fit. I'll have to decide soon.

None of our goats run off if they get outside the fence, but not all of them want to go back in or follow behind me. Bo does. Buckwheat the buck is very good at following but I'm afraid to start letting him out because he will start breaking out, thinking he should be out all the time. But tomorrow I'm going to try having either Sammy and Bo, or Bea and Bo, and if I get crazy, maybe all three, out with me while I'm working in the garden (not planting, just digging.) and see what happens as for the listening part. But for now, it's time for a little reading and hopefully some sleep.

With that sunset tonight, I'm hoping for nice weather tomorrow.


hmmm...that poor duck named Quad. Wonder what causes this mutation.

I have an alpaca with Bo's personality...luckily a female, though. That's funny that Bo is wanting to co-pilot in the mule.
goodnufranch said…
I just love the photo of the ducks! There are so adorable. I miss having ducks!!
wow girl you have been busy...I knew from the first photo that Bo was special, I am so glad you are going to keep him.

Great sunset pic too.

Blessings Kelsie
Leigh said…
A tortilla press from China Town? LOL
A tortilla press is on my "get" list as well. We love tortillas.

The baby bird pix are adorable. Very, very odd about Quad. Even odder no one who handled him previous to you noticed!
Glad all the babies are doing good.

You are very busy!

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