This morning

We woke up to a white world. 
Which is fitting since yesterday was the first day of spring. It's raining now.


Hi Donna!

I popped over to visit your blog ~ you had visited me, so I wanted to extend the welcome.

I've read your profile, and am completely fascinated by all the 'wildlife' you have living with you on a daily basis.

I am looking forward to visiting your Forest Haven more often ~ I'm always on the hunt for new recipes to try, too!

So nice to meet you!
Joani said…
OMG. That looks cold. Today, here in Arizona, USA, it is raining and has been since this a.m. but it is a slow rain and is soaking in nicely. In a couple of weeks the wild flowers will be blooming. Havce a great day.
Chai Chai said…
Ugh, same here. I would love rain to get rid of this snow. At least the dogs are happy.
Perri said…
I think we got the same weather! And on the first day of spring, too!
I was sweating outside yesterday. It went from Winter to Summer in one day.
luckybunny said…
Thanks so much Prairie homestead, I enjoyed your blog too! Love sharing recipes :)

Hi Joanie, our friend in Arizona calls us once a month to tell us how warm and happy he is and how is grapefruit are growing! :) Gotta love that warmer climate.

Chai Chai, I hear you I hope you don't get anymore.

Oh no Perri! I think it's just to remind us not to get too carried away just yet :) Hopefully it will just leave us alone soon so we can enjoy some nicer, non muddy, or snowy, weather.

Oh rub it in JR! Just kidding :) Wow, I've been wondering if that would happen here, although likely not so dramatically. I'll complain once it's hot, I like it cool, in between, and we have about a week of that perfect weather a year!
We got the same storm in northern Vermont! Happy spring!

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