Bananas for breakfast




Too cute! Look at those nails. Wow! I've never seen a prairie dog up close and personal. Are these prairie dogs that you and Kevin have mean that adopted you and Kevin?

Wishing you a very blessed evening.
IanH said…
It's only right that you should share with the less fortunate! I wonder how many squirrels get to eat a banana?
luckybunny said…
Prairie- Those long nails are for digging :) Normally in the wild they would be digging their burrows, here of course they make nests out of shredded paper, hay, and tshirts instead. We've been lucky to have had 7 Prairie dogs in our lives, 4 currently. They all came from homes that could no longer keep them for various reasons :) Homes in the big city, they were city dogs that came to the country! :)

Ian, I know a few squirrels who've tried to break in here to eat a banana! The wild squirrels and chipmunks watch the Prairie dogs, especially through our screen doors in the summer, several times they've eaten their way in and I find them at the Prairie dog cage!
Chai Chai said…
Wow, those claws are made for digging. How many do you have? Maybe you could fill and aquarium with sand and have a (ant) prairie dog farm!
With those claws, he can keep it!

Very cute.
Dreaming said…
They are so cute. Do they make good pets? Must they be caged all of the time, or can you handle them?
Love the pictures!
Wilma said…
Hi Lucky Bunny,
Thanks for visiting my blog. your world looks like amazing fun!

Denise said…
Huh. We've never given our prairie dogs banana. I think we should try it!

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