Brunch and warmer temps

I found this recipe late last night and decided Sunday brunch would be a good time to try it out.

All I can say is, my life is better for this recipe. It's a keeper. So easy, so quick, and, so good!

You can find the original recipe here. I used some of our no-nitrate ham since Kevin cannot eat ham with preservatives and it was a great way to start a lazy Sunday.

All you do is, make some mashed potatoes, however much you'd like really. Mix milk, a little butter, and some cheese into the eggs. Salt and pepper, and again pretty much anything else you'd like. Then add some sliced ham and mix it all up. Put it at the bottom of your casserole dish.

Top with however many eggs you'd like, and cook at 425 degrees F until your eggs are the way you like them. I love nothing better than runny eggs so they cook up fast, 5 minutes or so. Keep a close eye on them.

Then that's it. You eat it. It couldn't get an easier.

Things here have been pretty quiet this past week, just catching up on work around the house. We got a warm spell last weekend which everyone enjoyed.


The dogs enjoyed the warmer weather and had fun outside, or I should say Douglas did, Norman still wasn't loving the snow.




Can we go in now?


Where's Douglas?


Time to go in!


We had five Wild Turkeys show up for the first time this winter. Usually they come often in the winter, but not so this year. These five were all females, they have showed up five days in a row now.




Torn Ear by the old chicken coop


Deer Norman still has his antlers - this is offically the longest any of our bucks have held their antlers, and the other year they held them until the 10th of February, all of the bucks did, not just one. Just Deer Norman is holding this year - can you imagine the testosterone levels that buck has to still be holding his antlers? Good grief. We've been keeping a close eye on him and he's been hanging around an area that we wouldn't normally look, it might be difficult to find his antlers when the snow goes, but we'll try now that we know where's he's been hanging out this year.

Tomorrow we are heading to New York State. Kevin has a sleep clinic tomorrow night at the VA. Tuesday we are going to hit my favorite used book stores and then head to a small town nearby to have a look at a used evaporator for sale. We were going to wait until next year to buy an evaporator, but the one we wanted was brand new and in Vermont. This one is used, but in good shape from what we can see and know about it, and it's close to where we will be, so we'll take a drive over to see what it's like. They boiled 13 gallons of syrup the first year they had it.

Back to work.... Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Leigh said…
Yum! The eggs look great. And as usual, so do your photos. The pups are so cute and I love your turkey shots too. Well done.
Anonymous said…
We also live in Eastern Ontario, and your back yard/field look very similiar to ours. I should take more photos.

I luv going to used book stores.

Cute pictures of the boys. We saw a bunch of wild turkeys this year.

Seems I never have the camera when we see deer.
Kelly said…
Poor puppy has cold toes. I know he got warm and toasty when he came inside. We haven't had any turkeys show up so far this year. Love the deer.
Hang in there, Norman! Spring is coming! (poor guy)
Thanks for the recipe...I think it's something I could handle (and uses eggs, BONUS!)
Wild turkeys still freak me out when I see them in the southern parts of this province. They are so big! I've never seen any around here, although I hear they are starting to show up in very small numbers (word is that these ones could be 'freed' farm turkeys).
luckybunny said…
Thanks everyone! The eggs are really worth a try, very yummy and quick too, which is always good.

Thanks Val for stopping by!

The wild turkeys are a bit bigger than our Bronze, they are really pretty. In the spring several times, my old tom used to fly over our fence and actually fight the wild toms! Amazingly he never got hurt. I'd just walk up between the two and put mine back over the fence and the wild one didn't even bother with me, he didn't run away, but he didn't charge me either! Such a hoot.

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the photos and I really appreciate all your comments :)

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