Back home

This isn't much of a post, but I wanted to post quickly to say I am home. I got home from the hospital on Friday afternoon. The surgery went really well but recovery has been way more difficult and painful than I ever imagined, but I'm so happy to be home and Kevin is taking good care of me. I had a lot of trouble in the hospital, but I'm doing much better since being home.

It's going to be difficult not being able to do anything, just getting up is a chore since the incision is on my stomach. But I'm getting better everyday. I want to make cookies, but so far haven't been able to stand up for that long and I cannot lift anything, I picked up a bowl today and it was heavy! Everyone who knows me is worried I'm going to head straight to the barn and start shoveling manure and lifting hay bales but for now I'll be good because my body won't let me do anything!

Kevin and Jim (our helper) are splitting some wood today and we are suppose to be getting a delivery of hay. This is going to be slow going but I am so happy to be home and so glad to have had this operation.

Hope to be able to be back blogging soon! Thank you all so much for your support!


Anonymous said…
You do as the Doctors tell you and Kevin to,,, cookies can wait for the better days ahead,,, now rest...


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