It's a rainy and damp day here today, a good excuse to work inside and keep the fire going, and keep the hot tea flowing. Since it's Halloween Turner Classic movies has been playing lots of old scary movies, it's a riot.

The 28th was Douglas first Birthday. Hard to believe he's a year old already.

He was such an adorable baby, and now he's a big full grown Pug, all muscle and a terror!
We unpacked the camper in one day, so everything in it came into the house and just got piled up in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. It's amazing how much stuff you can pack into a fairly small camper. I told Kevin no way are we getting a fifth wheel because I'd never be able to unpack it. I thought about taking pictures but I really didn't want to have to remember the mess. I am mostly through it now, the kitchen is clear and the living room except for a few piles of books. The laundry is the main job now with several loads piled up.

The camper is off the truck and winterized which is why we had to hurry to unpack it in one day. It's getting cold and will soon start freezing at night. We took out all the hoses from the barn last night and drained them.

We got a big load of feed dropped off, about 18 bags total 5 of those shavings to get us caught up again. Since we still had the camper on we couldn't drive to the feed store so they drop it at the end of the lane for us. They cannot get their truck in our road, the mile in and out is too difficult for them so they just leave it at our first gate to make it easier for them and it works for us.

Our first day home I loaded up on pumpkins, I love them, and the animals enjoy eating what we don't use so it makes us all happy. Hopefully this evening I'll get into a couple and gut them so I can roast some seeds.

The next big thing on the agenda is to get wood in. Kevin's son is coming up for a couple weeks so he'll be able to help get a lot of our winter supply of wood in. In early December I'll be having surgery so I will not be able to help with wood for most or all of the winter. I'm not allowed to lift or do my normal activities for about 6 weeks, so it's going to help a lot to get as much as we can done before then. Our farm hand Jim will be staying with us through December and most of January to take care of the animals and help Kevin, so we should manage fine.

I finally got my new mixer! We ordered it from the Cupboard which is a great kitchen store in Fort Collins Colorado. We had to order it ahead because I wanted it in the Boysenberry color and they don't stock that color. In 2009 they told us to go ahead and order it a month before we went down this year. So we did.

I'm excited to use it. I'm so tired today it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Ferd is growing like a weed, he's a big fella now and not done growing yet. He loves the dogs and playing with them.

Ferd chilling in Norman's house

We make all different kinds of pizza's but this was one of the best by far. Often I swap Tomatillo salsa for the tomato sauce, it tastes way better than you think. Try it sometime. For this pizza we used mild tomatillo sauce, artichoke hearts, red peppers, portobello mushrooms, and, onions. On top of that, Prosciutto and mozzarella. Yum.

Anyway that's all for now, back to the laundry.


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