Quick update

We have seen so much in the past week it's hard for me to even know where to start. We left Fort Collins Colorado and headed for Mesa Verde National Park. We've also visited Navajo National Monument, Wapatki and Sunset crater National Monument. We've been through Monument valley and the valley of the God's. We've been to the Grand Canyon, both the North and South rims. We've taken thousands of pictures, and I'm not exaggerating.

We've been dry camping since we left Fort Collins, so no services, we've been out in the wilderness, up in the mountains, and out in the desert. There has been no power, let alone wifi! Right now we are in Phoenix Arizona at our friend Steve's house. It's been about 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit here. At home, I've been told we've been getting snow flurries. This afternoon we'll leave from Steve's and go visit Kevin's brother who is just up the road. Then we'll head for the Painted desert and Petrified forest and then likely start home.

We've had so much fun and really been exposed to so many things. Kevin has seen a lot of this before but to my eyes it's all new and it just leaves so much more to think about and learn about. I will share pictures as soon as I can and update again. :)

I'm on Steve's computer so I can't share photo's right now. But as I said, we've got a ton.

The dogs are loving the heat and sunshine here and Douglas is amazed that Steve has an actual "Ball" tree in his backyard! They are actually grapefruit, but Douglas thinks it's a constant supply of balls to play with! Steve has fed us so well, it makes up for the huge amount of exercise we've had this past week climbing mountains and cliff dwellings at 7,000 feet elevation. Our lungs and legs got a good workout!

For now, we are back on the road.


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