Home at last

We made it home safely early this morning, about 12:30 AM. We drove almost 48 hours straight with only a small break, about 2-3 hours of sleep. We stopped at 2 AM in a Walmart in Noblesville Indiana, and knew we were in for trouble. The wind was hitting us so hard the truck and camper were swaying and shaking. I woke Kevin up at 4 and told him I was scared. He said not to worry, it's just wind. Shortly after that he told me we better get moving, this wasn't good... There were tornado warnings in all the counties near us and in Anderson Indiana, right where we were headed. We hit the worst weather I've ever been in at Anderson, you couldn't see because it was blowing rain so hard, the weather alarm was going off on the radio with the "beep, beep" "lie down in a ditch if you don't have a safe place to go". Trucks were flipped over on their side. We stopped for a few minutes between two hills since we were driving through open fields making it worse.

It was pretty eerie. I've been in a tornado before, but I was in my house at the time, being in the truck did not make me feel good, especially driving through that wind and the dark skies. The National weather service confirmed eight tornadoes but mostly weaker ones, F1's. The strongest had winds of 110 mph.

Thankfully we made it through fine and came through the worst of it although the bad weather followed us all the way home with continuous heavy wind and rains.

This morning it was warm, windy, and blue skies, when I woke up in my own bed, which felt so good. We had a great trip, but it always feel nice to be home again. I woke up to Kiwi the Kakarikis calling "hello, what are you doing?" Everything here is good. Tomorrow breeding season starts for my goats, and we've got to get the camper unloaded and ready for winter as quickly as possible since the temperatures will drop over the next few days. The house is just full of piles of things to put away, but for now I'm just looking forward to a full nights sleep!

I've got go through the thousands of pictures we took on our trip, but I'll post as soon as I can about our trip the rest of the way home.

Goodnight for now.


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