Trail camera update


After chores this morning, we went out to check our trail camera and see if we got pictures of anything.

On the way out we noticed our Big arm tree, one of the most remarkable and special trees on the property has been starting to show it's colors.


We also noticed something very sad. In the recent storms, our big arm tree split in half. It's had a fungus for a few years now that we knew would eventually cause the tree to die. It is split now all the way down to the bottom.


We hiked in to where our trail camera was set up and reviewed the chip on my camera. I brought it home to download into the computer because there were a couple pictures worth sharing. No bear though. Not yet. It's possible he's moved on from the area. But it's still very possible he just didn't happen by the camera over the past few days.

We got raccoons of course, which is almost a given out here.


But we caught something that's rare to catch on camera. A Fisher. And we got several pictures of him. If you want to read about Fishers, you can read all about them here

Notice the long tails. This looks to be a large male.

We will re set the trail camera and review it after our trip.

We took a few pictures of the colors along the way to the trail that leads to our camera. Everything is really brilliant right now, but leaves are coming down quickly with the continuing winds.



If you ever see a mushroom like this, don't eat it!


This guy was just relaxing in a big puddle, enjoying the sunshine while it was available


Our dinner on Sunday night went really well. Of course I forgot to take pictures, can you believe it? I will share the recipe for the butternut squash gratin, one of my favorite ways to cook squash, when I get home and make it again. Peter had two pieces of the maple syrup pie, which we left with them to finish off.

It's been cloudy but very humid the past few days, yesterday it rained all day. Today is the worst yet for humidity. I got most of the camper cleaned yesterday so today I just need to finish packing. I finally got a duvet, which is of course a very soft, stuffed, blanket. It's amazing. But it's so soft, it's difficult to get out of bed in the morning because I am too comfortable. It's also very, very, warm. I am going to bring it with us in the camper. We have never used the camper in the fall before, so it's going to be colder, below freezing in places. We have a propane furnace to keep us warm, but the extra blankets will also help.

Thursday morning Kevin will be taking the camper to hopefully get the oven fixed. It broke on us in Tok, Alaska, near the end of our trip so we came home without the use of it. Of course we could still use the stove top, but we don't want to go this entire trip without use of the oven.

So for now, back to packing and cleaning, and getting things organized.

Ahh! Before I go, I wanted to share this picture which Kevin took a couple weeks ago and I forgot to share....

Just a couple of my friends.


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