Happy Birthday Norman!

Our little Norman is FOUR years old! Almost impossible to believe. It seems like yesterday we took off the day after Christmas to drive down to Pennsylvania to bring him home. In 2008 he was diagnoised with an enlarged heart, which our doctors believe he was born with. He's been on Vetmedin ever since, twice a day. It is an amazing drug which has improved his quality of life and breathing. That in combination with keeping him at a healthy weight, has done wonders for his health.

We are so lucky to have such a special boy.

Norman and his best buddy Nibs, who passed away a year ago May.

There are chicks in the kitchen!

Our first butternuts!

Norman loves riding in the mule

Driving the truck at Gettysburg, Maryland, 2008

and baby Norman, at 3 1/2 months, one of his first days home, with Braveheart who was a month old. 

Norman also writes a column for the Chi-amiga's newsletter which can be found at

Time to bake a doggie cake!


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