Coyotes and Sammy Saanen

Canada won GOLD! We watched Alex win the first gold for Canada at home during the mogels last night. How exciting. When I saw the Aussie take first I thought we were in trouble, but Alex gave it his best, and what a great person to be the first to bring us gold. He did amazing, and he had big competition, it's not like everyone else screwed up and he just lucked out. It was really something to see. We've really been enjoying a lot of the games, especially mogels and ski jumping except it's keeping us up a little too late.

After the opening ceremony I didn't get up to the barn for my late night feeding till after 1 AM. Max was barking like crazy but he's been doing that everytime I go up there at night, so I figured he was just being silly again. I went to the door to call him and right away heard a sound so loud I wasn't sure at first what was happening. It was coyotes. They were back behind our apple tree field, where we spotted one earlier this winter. They were just going nuts yipping and yapping. It was a cold, crisp, and, clear night out and the sound was just echoing. Flavious was scared and hid behind me but Max was barking and growling and the coyotes soon quieted down. They've been steadily making all kinds of noise back there.

Last night I went up around 10 PM and Max started barking back in the goat pasture. I looked up from the round bales of hay and down the fence line and could see a blue flash every few seconds. I came home and got a flashlight and could see at the far gate in the woodyard the electric fence was off. He's a smart boy and at night he's at his best doing his guarding. He's not so well behaved during the day with the animals, but he's trying. But at night he shines. I feel so much safer with him here.

It's time to order chicks and I cannot decide if I want to order some ready to lay hens or not. I'd like to just buy some from someone local but no one has any right now and there is the chance I won't find any good hens for a reasonable price when I want them. We just have to decide how many chicks to order and for sure which breed. I'm thinking I'm going to go for the Columbian Rock x Red mix instead of Rhode Island reds but I can't decide. I'm working on a quickly approaching deadline though so we must decide.

The little goat kid in the house got a name. I said no names because these kids are going to new homes once they are weaned. Kevin said we should name him because he figures there is no way we'll be able to sell him now anyway. I'm not so sure. I don't need another boy at all. Not at all. And Sammy is going to have horns, which Buckwheat does not. Kevin kept saying we should call him Sammy Saanen and the name stuck. He's still got a cold, but he's getting way stronger, almost jumping out of his big box he sleeps in. He jumps and plays and gets around the house really well now. He's growing stronger everyday and he's eating really well, so hopefully he's pulling through. He's almost been here 2 weeks so he's at least 2 weeks old.



Now it's time to go logging again and get the goat pens ready. It's almost time for kids to come! It's getting really close and I'm a nervous wreck as usual.

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