The pond this morning

Today it is almost 50 degrees F and it's pouring rain. It started raining last night around 9 and kept raining through the night and it's still raining heavily today. It's doing a good job of melting the snow but it is not suppose to last, so it will turn everything to ice which is very dangerous. Even today most everyone will have to stay in the barn so they do not hurt themselves. We have plenty of food and milk and enough grain and dog food to get us through the week, so if we are unable to get off the farm we will manage. With our road turned to ice, we might be stuck for a while, depending on what happens now that everything is slick, wet, and going to freeze in the next couple days according to the weather. I was able to clean rabbit hutches in the barn - in my t-shirt!

I walked out in the yard this morning and scanned it. Right away I saw an antler sticking out of the melting snow. It was Deer Norman's second antler - he dropped a couple days after the first one, in the same spot! Right in the middle of the yard, in the open, at the bottom of the hill. We walked by it several times when the snow was deep and never saw it. I have hope now that Torn Ear's antler is close by and we also just walked by it because it was buried in snow. Hopefully though he did not leave it on the ice, because all the ponds are rapidly thawing.

Yesterday we split wood so we have an almost full woodbox, plus more than a full cord already split and in reserve beside the house. I am so ready for spring. The warming temperatures have me dreaming of what is to come, and that's not good. We still have plenty of winter left so I need to remind myself not to get too excited. It's easy to get depressed in this miserable weather. But I still seeds to order, the layout of our new garden to plan.... much to keep my mind busy thinking of spring. The other day - there was even sap running in this warm weather! I managed to get all my home canned goods organized the other day. Of course this is only some of them, I cannot get a picture with all the shelves in it since it's too big!


We got to go out for a quick ride yesterday, only on our trails, otherwise we'd get stuck. Lots of coyote tracks, wolf, and fox.

We decided to go into the city to see a showing of Avatar in 3D. Since we cannot get away from the farm during the day easily, we went to the 10:20 PM showing, when all the animals were put away and asleep. It was a good movie, and a nice evening out, however, we got home after 2AM and didn't get to sleep until about 4. I don't think we could handle doing it again! We go to usually about one movie a year. I think this was a good choice to see in a theatre. But we are just not used to doing things like that anymore. Not being around crowds, or things like that, hardly ever, it's really hard on us. Who knew I could fall in love with being so secluded, and living this kind of lifestyle. Who knew Kevin could, really. It's taken us over, and I don't think either of us could handle any other kind of lifestyle at this point. We are so used to the peace and quiet, just having our animals, just working to take care of ourselves and them.

Wrambler and Max sleeping together in the sun


Kevin got this picture of Max and Wrambler the other morning and I think it really shows how lucky we are with our family. The bonds they have formed are so unique and special. Animals are amazing, and almost all our critters have relationships with animals that are not of their species. Max and Wrambler are best friends, and Wrambler is quite attached to Flavious too. Buckwheat the buckling sleeps everynight with Chester the Mini Rex rabbit. There have been animals on our farm that have thrown everything out of balance. We have the perfect balance right now. All of the animals get along - and I mean, all of them. Everyone is content, bonded, peaceful. When we were first starting we had animals like the donkey, that caused trouble, was mean, and tried to kill the other animals, and caused distress to everyone including me. All of our animals now fit just perfect together. It makes a huge difference when everything and everyone, is in harmony and balance.

Now back out in the wet, slippery, day. I think today, is a chicken and dumplings kind of day. I may share the recipe I decide to use later on... and I need to share that Flavious is now 6 months old and now bigger than Max!

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