Here's the finished BBQ sauce. I got more than I thought I would - this will be plenty for us. Now onto the pickles! I got one batch of 10 pints done at midnight last night - then I had to quit and go to sleep. Just one of those things.



2 big bowls of cucumbers are on ice right now and will stay there for two more hours. All the animals are clean, fed, and watered, so I actually have a minute to take a break! We have to run into the village to pay John for all his work on the trench for the electric and water line - and he's being sweet enough to give us a few more old cable spools for the goats! They love them. I was so excited about the one our wire came on until I found out it had just a cardboard center.... John then offered up some old ones he had lying around. The goats are sure going to appreciate it! We have two we got from the hardware store in the village last winter - especially the kids love them. And Max, although I don't know why.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry too. With canning and the animals, and Flavious - I've fallen a little behind on that job. But I'm catching up.... slowly.
Chip and Norman helping sort laundry

Norman and chip

Norman is doing awesome on his new food - he was loosing weight on us all of a sudden. He's had no change in diet/exercise etc, but all of a sudden he started thinning out. We took him into the Vet with Flavious last week and they said he's OK so we increased his protein levels and it's working. He's been on a pretty strict diet because of his heart condition, we need to keep him slim, but not this slim. He's 5 1/2 and I don't want him under 6 pounds. He's filling out really well - I switched his food before we went to the Vet so he's been on it for over a week now. He is crumbing less too which is absolutely amazing. I couldn't be more pleased with his improvements. Flavious is doing great, Max is doing great - and Buddy dog is getting old but is out on the deck enjoying the sunshine this morning and even he is a good mood today which is the most shocking of all!

I wanted to share some pictures of the kids - now that I've figured out a quick and easy way to post photos to the blog! It's taken me ALL this time to figure out a good way, but I did it. So here are just some pictures from our crazy home and of our family.
Jack and Norman

Jackson and Norman
Hilda and Biscut's first meeting

Hilda and Biscuit meeting
Braveheart's first night

Braveheart's first night
Biscuit trying to steal candy

Bicuit wanting candy
Chip and our little Snuggles who passed away a year ago - we miss him terribly

Chip and Snuggie
Noel in her sweater

Noel in her sweater
Norman and Noel

Norman and baby Noel

My bottle babies!

Some of our bottle babies
Buddy dog

Buddy dog

Noel, me and Norman, and some of the deer in the front yard

Max at 3 1/2 months

Baby Max

OK.... so..... I have an idea. Another one. Kevin I'm sure thinks I have too many, and my idea's always seem to cause him to end up with another animal or project. This time it's a project but something I think I can work on slowly. I want to take our very old pig house that has not been used in ages and turn it into a playground for some of my Flemish Giants. I'm thinking all wire floors with dirt over top - of course completely enclosed. Things to climb on, things to hide in.... things to chew on. Actually any of the rabbits could use it. Like a bunny jungle gym. As most of you know for several years we've been taking in unwanted and senior rabbits. There is a massive number of homeless rabbits out there - they are still considered disposable pets, and most people have no idea the amount of care that goes into a rabbit... they are classed with say hamsters as an easy to care for pet. They take time/energy/money! I wish people could learn. Whether keeping rabbits as pets or for meat, I just wish people would care for them properly, as I wish for people to do with all animals. Needless to say, we have a good sized herd of rabbits to care for.

I try to take the old rabbits that will be euthanized at the shelter - but we've ended up with younger ones, like when we took in the 23 from the Barrie Humane Society after they had hundreds of them from one cruelty case. I still have most of the babies I bottle raised.... and they are now all full grown rabbits! 12-15 pounds each. I'm thinking this would be perfect for them. Of course it will have to wait until after pickles and canning, after apples, after logging.... but I think I can do it as Johnny Cash sang "one piece at a time" a little different project, but still....
future rabbit habit?


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