My heart goat and Flavious

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It seems while we were away this summer my black and white wether Basswood developed a.... well... a heart. He had absolutely no brown on him when he was born, but now at 4 months old he has a brown heart on his shoulder. It's adorable. And quite remarkable - it really does look like a heart don't you think?

Two days ago we added a new member to our family.... Flavious is a month and half old and is a Great Pyrenees puppy. His name comes from the Roman, Flavious whom was considered "The last of the Romans" and defeated Attila the Hun. He's adorable, so small, fat, and happy. Max was 3 1/2 months when we got him so he was almost too big to pick up. Flavious is still a tiny baby. Full of life and curiosity. He loves the chickens and rabbits and thinks they are great fun. Much to my surprise the chickens are completely indifferent to him. He will hopefully become our goat guard. He sleeps in a pen next to them right now since they still don't know what he is and Hilda the Pygmy is a bully. He licks Bucket on the nose whenever he gets a chance, she would never hurt him, but she looks at me confused like "what is it?" They are getting used to seeing him around already though. Max whom loves everyone, does not love the puppy. He is torn between being annoyed it's in his territory, and being jealous. But I expected as much. He is not mean to the pup, he just keeps his distance, which is fine, I just want him to get used to seeing him around. Flavious will always be with the goats out of Max's way, but I just want them to know that they both live/work here. So far, so good.

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Unfortunately while out checking the wild grapes last night I discovered the effect of the very rainy summer we've had. Most of the grapes have dried up and most of the vines did not produce. I could harvest a small amount for a few jars of jelly but I will not get nearly what we did last year. That's just Mother Nature. Our berry crop was not good this year either, compared to last year when everything was so plentiful. Our apple trees look good however, so I'm looking forward to those. I have several jars of grape jelly left from last year so I'm not as disappointed as I would be if I was out!

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