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I had to share this picture. Yes those are chicks in the kitchen investigating the pumpkins. These two guys were the babies we got when we picked up Barely the buck a week ago. They are a riot. Of course they have a house to live in, but they break out as often as possible to explore.

These are two of the New Zealand boys we got in March from the Barrie Humane Society when we took 23 in. If I haven't mentioned it before, we have a lot of rabbits. We do not breed rabbits, or raise them for meat, we have a few dozen rabbits who were at some point homeless or abused. Several of the baby Flemish Giants, and a couple of the NZ's passed away in the months after they arrived here, and we recently lost Firefly, the mama New Zealand. But we have 14 of them still, all whom are healthy and thriving. These boys are so much fun and so curious. They are not full grown yet either!

So who says a woman cannot do a "man's" work? I gotta say, using the maul is not an easy task. At least I definately need to build up muscle. But I really enjoy it actually - even though it hurts like heck the next day in your shoulders. I'll get stronger as I use my muscles more. We have a fair amount of wood in but need to start hauling in more rounds so they are stacked up in the wood yard and ready to split in case snow stops us from getting out to log. However, if we get the Argo, we can still get out to places we cannot get the tractor or Mule. But it's better to be safe than sorry. It was warm again today, 60 F.

Nibs, my first rabbit, who started everything, is 10 years old now. He is doing fairly well, but he's slowed down a lot and his breathing has gotten worse. He enjoys sleeping with Norman the Chihuahua in the sunshine a lot, and of course his captain crunch cereal.

So It's election night in the U.S. so we are watching. I'm sure almost everyone is. It's kind of hard not to.

We went to town today to run some errands and resupply the animal food. I'm using more rabbit food than I thought. Of course, we do have an awful lot of rabbits. On the way home there was an old Lab on the highway running down the middle of it. He was overweight and clearly having problems in his rear end, I'm glad no other cars came. The hunter who lost him pulled over to the side to call him to his truck. I can't imagine he's using that dog for hunting, but who knows. I'm just glad no one hit the old dog.

We are kind of behind in work right now since we've got too many other things going on. Thursday we are headed to North Bay to pick up an Argo track vehicle. That's about a 6 hour round trip or more. Then we've got to go to Washington, D.C. and Syracuse NY - but I can't complain about Syracuse, my favorite used book store is there so I'll be able to load up the truck with books to help get me through the winter. I buy a little bit of everything in there, mostly natural history and nature related books, but I also grab random novels. Some turn out to be good reads, and sometimes I get books that I wish I hadn't. But I just pass them on to our local used bookstore. A little poetry, a little biography, a little cooking, a little gardening.... my idea of heaven is a nice big neverending used bookstore full of goats and dogs! But it is going to be a lot of driving in a short amount of time. But we'll recover! I'm just grateful for this wonderful November weather we've been having and hope the rain holds off as long as possible. I'd rather just go from this weather to winter and skip all the rain, the damp, and the ice. Snow, I enjoy.

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