I thought I'd share some animal updates with you. Max is now 8 months old and his neuter date is offically set for December 1st! He's successfully caught a skunk in the barnyard and kept many trouble makers at bay. We've had tons of bear sign around - but they haven't been near the barnyard. He is having some trouble with the chasing of the sheep, and goats, but mostly it's naughty play. Ahhh the teenage years. When he was younger he would sleep with the lambs, and never chase anyone.... I have faith he will calm down and grow up... eventually.

Our goats are doing well. We have added an 8 month old Nubian/Boer buck to our family. His name is Barely - and he was bottle raised so he's sweet as can be. For now anyway. He follows us everywhere. He puts a smile on my face every morning - the girls do too, but he's just so cute. He's still so small. The farm where we got him was delightful, I'm so glad we met the couple that own it and all their animal family. It's hard to find down to earth nice people nowadays - even in the country. They gave us a Barred Rock chick and a Buff Orphington. They lost their mom and were getting picked on badly. They are in the livingroom right now quite enjoying themselves. We have two stalls in our barn now and Kevin built an awsome coop in there for the chickens, I love it. I think they like it too. It's so nice having all the animals in one place - I know I will appreciate it even more this winter. It's going to make carrying water and doing chores in the bad weather, so much easier. I'm actually looking forward to it! With everyone in one place, I can work in the barn no matter what the weather. The girls are all doing well, and Bucket and Hilda are getting along with Biscuit and Butternut just fine, but they still sleep in pairs in their stalls at night.

I've taken to calling the barn the "Taj Mahal." Seeing that it's an expression of Kevin's love completely, because it's not something he really wanted to be doing! Although the real Taj Mahal was build after the woman it was built for had died. So it's a little different - but to me, it's just as good as the real Taj Mahal!

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