Torn Ear
The other morning I got up around 6 AM and something barked at me outside our bedroom window. I knew it wasn't Max because he doesn't yap, he woofs loud and clear. This was "yap yap yap." I thought maybe it was one of the beagles a neighbour is missing from hunting season, but nope, it was a fox! He has been here every morning looking for the chickens. Since we've moved them into the barn and Max lives there too, the fox is not overly pleased. When we were back in the nursery yesterday we saw signs of a big buck, so I hold out hope that Torn Ear is still around somewhere. I haven't seen him since before hunting season. Deer Norman is here and seven of our does. But that's it. We'll see who shows up when the cold comes. It's been about 26F for the last few days steady - it stays the same temperature day and night. It's warmed up a bit tonight however. We've had some snow flurries during the day but nothing hits the ground and they are very brief. No rain yet thankfully. I hope we just go straight to snow and skip the rain, freezing rain, and all that yucky stuff. My barn is working great and warms up wonderfully, I've been pleasently surprised every morning when I get up there with my work pants on, my coat, hat, gloves... I can take most of it off and not be cold at all. We spotted a Porcupine on a hike the other night. They really are so adorable, as long as they stay away from my dogs. He was patient with me and let me get lots of pictures. I was also able to get a nice picture of our house since we were in the marsh with the argo - it's unusual for me to get a picture of our house at this angle. It's coming along well. It's still a work in progress and there is so much to be done.

I know, it's early! But we found our tree yesterday. We hiked back to the nursery, an area where there are just dozens of Spruce and Balsam trees of all different sizes. We found this one and knew it was the one. However, we only brought the handsaw with us, no rope. And on the way Kevin managed to nearly break his nose and pass out after a bad incident with a dead branch. So we took turns dragging the 11 foot tree through the beaver floods, snags, and juniper bushes... uphill. It was quite a trek, especially this time of year when the cold gets in your lungs. But we managed and got the tree back to the mule so we could haul it home. We didn't damage it too badly thankfully. It's still on the back porch and waiting for it's place in the front room. I always look forward to getting our tree each year, we go out hiking together, pick a tree, and bring it home together. I save a piece of each tree every year. I'm grateful now for the memories and know I always will be.

Our mule is fixed, and all is well with the world again. The Argo works great. We can't wait to try it out on snow, and of course we don't have any yet. So we'll see. Maggie and Gobbles the turkeys had to be relocated today and are now living with the sheep. After a year of living with and getting along with all the other chickens, they suddenly changed their minds and started attacking the chickens. So they have been relocated, which they didn't appreciate, but I'm sure they will adjust just fine.

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