Sourdough starter

My sourdough starter is almost a week old now. This picture was from day 1. I cannot wait for sourdough biscuits, pancakes, cakes, bread. I make all my own bread, and being able to make sourdough will be so exciting, and I'm looking forward to trying out some new recipes as well. Sourdough is certainly an art.
It sounds like starting a sourdough starter from scratch isn't that easy (according to most articles), but it's really not that difficult if you are careful. I read the best piece of advice I've ever read in Countryside magazine, about wiping off anything about the fluid line. Flour, etc. Always keep the sides clean. Works like a charm.
Sourdough makes me think of Alaska. And it makes me think of Dick Proenneke waking up in his wondeful secluded wilderness and making his morning biscuits before starting the days work. Waking up to Sourdough biscuits reminds me what it's like to wake up after a night sleeping next to a glacier, and opening my eyes mountains all around me.

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