Apples, Deer, and the arrival of fall

Amazingly a few days ago we picked our first apples. Our favorite apple tree is not ready to be picked yet, it will be shortly however. But one of the trees we rarely pick located in what we call the "ears" field because of the log marker we have in it was ready a week ago and loaded with apples. We got a bushel basket full of nice apples which I used to make jelly and apple sauce, and of course share with the animals. They all love apples, the horses, rabbits, goats... Kevin has identified over 100 apple trees on this land. It's amazing. We get more apples than we can possibly use usually off of one tree alone, so there are plenty of apples for us, our animals, and the wild ones who live here, and travel through.

So far we have 7 does and 2 young bucks hanging around close by. 2 fawns. Pokey and Deer Norman are doing well. Kevin saw a big buck just before dark the other night coming home on his tractor from working on a new road we put in, but it was too dark to tell who it was. He said it was a big though. Hopefully it's our friend Torn Ear. But it's too soon to tell. A few weeks ago the deer looked pretty bad but they look much improved now, and the only reason I can give is that most of them have finished changing into their fall clothes. I know how bad the rabbits look when they are shedding, so it's the same thing I think. They are still thin, but not nearly as bad as when we first started seeing them again late this summer.

Fall is coming. The trees are starting to change, the air is cooler at night, the deer are changing color, and the the chipmunks are gathering everything they can find. Our animals are enjoying the cooler evenings, as are we. We are finally getting some work done around the house although there is so much left to do this fall before winter sets in. We are getting closer to getting the new sunporch closed in - we are really excited about all the extra space. I think we are really going to enjoy that room once it is finished. It's just one of many projects, but it's a major accomplishment. Most of my canning is done, but there is still some left to do. I still need to can tomatoes, salsa, and chilli sauce... and the venison that's in the freezer. I've been avoiding those tasks! I want to enjoy fall but I sure am looking forward to getting all our projects done, so this winter I'll have time to make soap, and cheese, and crafts. I look forward to having the woodstove going again too, and harvesting wood. I know in January I will be cold and complaining, but I'll have little to complain about this winter now that I have a barn. I will still have water to carry- but it's going to be so great having the barn and most of the animals in one central place - and a central, dry, place to keep hay! No more hay wagon and tarp for us!

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