Noel is one of our bunnies. Her mom came in as a rescue with 16 other Mini Rex rabbits that were going to be set loose. She was not planned. She is three and half months, and of course, so adorable. She has the greatest personality going. On Christmas Eve she had what appeared to be, a stroke. Her right side was paralysed. I thought I was going to loose her. At 4 AM on Christmas morning I woke up to crunching noises beside the bed... Noel was in a box with her towels, water, and food, and she was... eating! I couldn't believe it. Christmas day and Boxing Day she continued to eat and drink but could not stand up on her own. Since then, she has continued to improve every day. I am so thankful! She is now a going concern, running around the house, stealing Norman's toys, and teasing the Prairie dogs. I hope she continues to improve, because we are so looking forward to a long life ahead with her. I think maybe she was my Christmas miracle this year.


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