Cliff & Edna update

When our pot bellied pigs, Cliff and Edna arrived the week before Christmas I must admit I was concerned. Rarely have I seen pigs so terrified. Cliff & Edna are 4 1/2 months old. They had never been handled or even touched by humans and associate people with chaos and chasing. They don't know what straw is, and are used to lots of noise, and lots of other pigs. Most pot belly pigs are fairly sociable, and they are usually pretty confident. At least, the pigs I've known have been that way and of the five pot bellies I've cared for, three were abused. These little pigs were horrified when they were caught and loaded into our truck. Once inside they didn't know what to do when they saw the huge mound of fresh dry straw awaiting them. They were covered in muck and pig and bird poo. There were dozens of chickens roosting above where the pigs slept. They quickly cuddled up in the straw and covered themselves up. When we unloaded them from the truck late that evening after getting home and put them into their cozy new house, they screamed and Cliff even showed aggression. They were just so afraid. For a week they didn't come out of their straw nest to talk to me or get their food. Then they realized I couldn't be that awful since I was always offering them tasting treats... and now they get excited for food and treats, happily come out of hiding to visit and get snacks, and don't mind getting their picture taken! They even let me sneak in a little scratch at a time. I know once the discover the joy of belly rubs, I'll have them completely won over. I am so thrilled at their progress and am enjoying them so much. I am so happy to see them get excited about clean and fresh bedding and treats, and show signs of cotentment and happiess. I can't wait to offer them a good mud puddle and some green grass to play in.


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