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My new Blog

I have absolutely loved writing this blog, and I cannot thank all of you enough for your friendship, comments, support, and for reading all of these years. It's taken me quite a while to get to this place in my journey and find my way back to blogging. As you know, I've tried several times and it's just been very hard for me to start again... to regain my voice.  I had thought about giving up blogging altogether, honestly.  But finally, things fell into place, made sense to me, and I realized it's time to start a new.  I welcome all of you to join me at my new blog,   and on Facebook!   I'm excited to blog, Vlog, and share photos of the animals, and farm. A lot has been happening. I'll be writing and vlogging about chronic illness but also the farm, my animals, the changes and challenges here, new adventures. I really hope you'll join me on this next phase of my journey.  And again, I have been so happy to have

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